Best on the Block Restaurant Owners Open Authentic Cheesesteak & Sandwich Shop in Center City

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Philadelphia, Pa. – February 23, 2016—Steaks, shakes, brews, and more will be brought to Center City this month with the arrival of Cleavers, a cheesesteak shop opening its doors on 108 S 18th street. The fast casual restaurant is the latest venture from Dimitri and Electra Poulimenos (Siblings from a predominant cheesesteak manufacturing company) and Ted and Sav Bouikidis (the Bouikidis brothers being the team behind the award-winning local chain Zesto Pizza). Cleavers, which will offer cheesesteaks, fries, and boozy shakes, is bringing a classic South Philadelphia staple a little more central.

The restaurant’s owners, first generation Greek friends and relatives all grew up in the food industry. The Bouikidis brothers have been working with their family in the restaurant industry from a young age, and learned that “great service, quality food and passion for the industry” are the keys to success. The Poulimenos siblings on the other hand, learned the skills and processes required to manufacture superior food products consistently and dependably, while providing exceptional and uncompromising customer service. Cleavers goal is to combine their diverse backgrounds and provide their customers with “delicious food, quality service and loyal customers”.

This idea is reflected in their menu where the unfussy, yet delectable ingredients are combined to make the type of sandwich your grandparents enjoyed. They’re talking 100% USDA domestic rib eye, hand-rolled bread, and artisanal cheeses, all culminating in a perfect Philadelphia cheesesteak. Or if you’re feeling a little bit chicken, they offer a variety of fresh charbroiled chicken and chicken cutlet sandwiches.

Experimenting with unique flavor combinations resulted in equally impressive veggie sandwich and salad selections. The portobello mushroom is taking the industry by storm, so the crew at Cleavers will be introducing a portobello cheesesteak sandwich. Knowing that a good sandwich should be complemented by equally good fries and sides, customers can choose from fried pickles, zucchini sticks, fried spicy green beans, and either garlic parmesan or steak topped fries, to name a few. It’s this type of playfulness that separates Cleavers’ creations from the other me-too’s in the city.

“We wanted to provide choices for our customers, offering all of our items on a classic roll, wrap, or in a bowl,” said Ted Bouikidis (or, as the Cleavers crew coined it, “classic, skinny, or naked”). A selection of spiked milkshakes, craft beers, and make-your-own six packs will also be available. Restaurant branding has been executed by Paragraph Inc. and is reminiscent of an old school, no-bull butcher shop. Cleavers will be able to seat 45 people, with an expansive main dining room and options to pickup and takeout.

The restaurant will be open Sunday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Friday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.