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By Antonis Xylourgidis. Esq

The brisk path back to normality remains convoluted and non-existent, hence the magical world of Harry Potter ends without hearing a word about the cigarette case and excesses for the coveted regaining lost dignity. Is it a matter of the will of the actors of the political class or implemented the ardent desire of the parties in power to maintain complete control of the Government, the Parliament and the Judiciary? They are dangerous for those who speak parliamentary diversion or those who seek to work in practice?

THE PTAEI AND WHAT MUST BE DONE? Are excruciatingly questions as experienced similar crises and on Trikoupis and Venizelos later on in 1932 but encountered no one dares to compare the time with it now.

There programmatic embarrassment to the parties, a reasonable behavior problems. It is a European problem, not simply national. The SPD in Germany, Hollande in France have reduced their rates of dramatically different texture problems. Unfortunately common component of these policies is that they are not in the center man.Shift in policy for the forgotten man at the bottom of the pyramid has to be made “as he had said and Roosevelt.


We went as a nation and as a state too much suffering in recent years but still proves that there is political selfishness and not consensus, discord and not real convergence for a national agreement. Unfortunately the past not advised as were some of the current political, when he became the WW II and the dictator Metaxas said “NO”, the leader of the KKE Zahariades said support to Greece.

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We need to talk total net, Greece lost essential elements of sovereignty and is hybrid dominance status as a country in the EU and EMU. Productivity dropped, banks were cheap money especially in non-tradable sectors, not invested in exports, so there issue with the productive model of the country, what country?

The direct expression of the People is a fundamental issue. In the Constitution, “all the powers exercised by and for the people” and that’s what matters.The politics and public life of the country are characterized again with ulterior sign, prey exousiomanias with youth representatives, surreptitious old cut. Hope of ensconced piece-monster to return again to the old situation is restored and samples of this is the reconstitution of ERT, the promiscuity of PPC, the depreciation of Clarity, one of the biggest reforms in the country and so many others’ stability factors “of reconstruction of the country. The large number of amendments, 9 Ministerial and 57 Parliamentary tabled in n / p “Katrougalos” confirms the allegations of the way that legislates and considerations that serves the government. The values of the left imposed its aimless opposition of previous years not he taught nothing, the Syriza mimics the worst ills of Understanding. we must plan because we have our own alternative. The ministers sadness image comment on the news not being aware that govern disappoints even the most optimistic citizens. The translation of the image of thousands of immigrants as “liazomenon in plateian” the provocative nomination of her mother PtV as the new president of the Service Council of ESR, the public announcement of the appointment of ERT with priority to those who fought for the victory of Syriza in elections, by the mouth of Syriza MP, the “friendly tolerance” squatters antiauthoritarians and table tennis Ministers struggle to convince the obsessional approaches the drachma as these to envision compose an isolation stage and dividing grid between Europe and Greece. the new polarization between Greek model is Europeanists and advocates tearing blindly.

The argument: our concealed information or did not know the real situation of the past. The social fabric of the country can not afford another refutation. Belief in the state tested through confidence humiliated voters hardly believe that there are great leaders but looking into the vulgarity of public life free voices realizing their own sake shape, that the Republic is wise and fair regime.Wanted urgently politicians, which according to their posterity, will raise their personal rock as others Sisyphus, the rock called Greece the high mountain of dignity and social peace. the image of Ministers “whisked away” their money abroad and if hushed, frightened the Greek people and especially small savers, those with the remanence of a lifetime seeking dignity in their remaining life.

The risk of loss of hope and faith in the Constitution and laws are present. Over the essence comes and claims its part, the communication management: how to say, the apparent jeopardy or danger presented to the public, how the tendencies toward risks or risk taking in the distance, running, explained, repulsed , ftiasidonontai …. Only in this respect is cut by the government.

The extra-ends and fascist rhetoric causes controversy and is now entering the core of parliamentary democracy and the way it is applied . It is time to talk about a Constituent Assembly that will redefine the boundaries, the rigor and orientate the Constitution to shield needs of Greek society as a state and as a state, Greece is overriding everything LAW , charter, 40 with three intermediate reviews in non-fundamental provisions. De facto, from the results proved that the current CONSTITUTION is incomplete and insufficient. For the first time the country faces blank state accompanied by negative attitudes toward every aspect of the state and state institutions. A recent example, the election of President of the Republic. The relevant provisions can overturn “fresh election” Government office two or three months because after three votes in the House, will not become president. It has grown widely suggested that we should move in presidential republic and the President to be elected by universal suffrage by the people!

Their acts legislative poison political life and are panic movement relative to collective anticipated parliamentary procedures until a few months ago denounced the current government as opposition. The performance of all types of elections should be conducted with horizontal rules collectivity rather than corporatist approach preference for SMEs, ie single candidate ballot without party support even in the parliamentary elections as the country needs them axioterous rather than citizens with privilege party tube.

Pursuit of a sovereign political power should be to inform the public, to understand the problems, existing determinism, the limitations and strengths of each country. Be aware of the fact, to accept and support the efforts imposed. To change attitudes so that people do not live in a microcosm, decoupled from global developments in the fantasy, that is able to avoid the consequences of European integration and globalization, they uncut and without consequences to disagree and enforce their will. The country needs to realize its problems and to deal effectively with them to overcome. Realism is required.
It is obvious that the exercise of power is not in favor of the People, but for the benefit of vested interests and it held responsible political figures and not the parties. The argument ungovernability is a pretext. It is perfectly possible to express the popular will immediately, without ungovernability problem, if there is one courageous revision of the Constitution and institutionalized the following:

1. To establish a simple, honest and pure analog. Of course it is good to introduce some limitations, namely: a) A minimum rate, which should not exceed 3% in order to avoid the election opportunists whose only qualification have is money for advertising. b) Join the party at least 1/3 of the constituencies for national reasons.

2. Remove party ballots, establishing a new way of electing a single ballot per constituency with optional display next to each candidate of the party of Group Policy, focus on personality and social presence and not the political games of the past. Four-year closed term for any government that is elected by notification obligation elections date one year before the expiry of the mandate and ballots training requirement through primaries three months before the election.

3. Reduction of MPs from 300 to 200 as provided in the Constitution and then the process of Revision in body 144 MPs with while establishing 56 senators, who together with their deputies will be the legislative body of the country. The composition and powers of the Senate will be specified in the Constitution. Each constituency of the country will be represented by one or one senator, regardless of population. Senators will have staggered five-year terms. The Senate has several exclusive powers not given to the House, including the consensus as a prerequisite to ratification and consent or confirmation of appointments of cabinet members, senior managers organizations, other executive officials, military officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, and effective control of desires Occupying all those bearing government post. The Senate aims to be the body that will restore credibility in the political system and ensure transparency and legality if, during political elections, because of the longer tenures, the smaller size, the being at the constituencies, which in the long term will lead to a more collegiate and less partisan choice mentality on the part of voters.

4. The resulting assembly will have to give, with the existing process already, instructed Prime Minister to be proposed by the absolute majority of the House. If this is not possible, the command takes the leader of relatively its majority party without requiring the vote of confidence.

5. The Prime Minister proposed the Cabinet in the House and vote against this vote. If voting against, obliged each party to propose Minister. All nominations gradually passed, to the exclusion of candidates who got the fewest votes until one. Prevailed six. A similar procedure would apply to the policy statements and each party will be required to put the crisis to his proposal. For each area of the program will be a separate vote by little until a majority vote.

7. The same procedure for the selection of Ministers will also apply to the election of the President of the Republic.

8. The Government may submit to Parliament a draft law, and any partisan formation or five (5) members. The House is obliged either to pass the law, or modify it. All members are required to submit its own proposals-changes to the government’s bill. The proposals put to the vote total. That received the fewest votes, is withdrawn and passed the next, until they become two and passed one of them.

9. In all votes prohibited abstentions and white (for MP revocation). The MP absence counted on the positive votes, that the vote would be over three hundred deputies forever.

10. The Government is obliged to apply the law voted referendum or otherwise resign and form the next government official party. The exhaustion of four years will be mandatory, under penalty of revocation and exclusion of Members of the next election. After the deduction of Members’ their position will occupy the deputies of other parties again proportionately.

11. The leadership of the supreme courts will be made by an electoral body, composed : a) by the Presidents of Appeals Justice sector analogue. b) lawyers at the Supreme Court of all Bar Associations of the country, with at least 15 years experience. Each Club will be raffling off from one to five of those registered in the records of Supreme Court Lawyers. c) Professors at universities in the sector of Justice, who are not qualified. They are drawn to each Sector School two teachers.

12. President, Prosecutor, vice presidents and deputy prosecutor elected by internal voting .

13. Political parties and political organizations become voluntary aggregations citizens, and their financial resources are controlled by full and mandatory transparency and strict control of “Occupying” . Parties and political organizations are derecognised as autonomous civic institutions with special privileges to participate in political life and in public debate .Pafei by law their state financial aid.

14. Institutional state character only compounds active members of the national parliament and regional councils (and in this connection entitled limited financial assistance to cover certain operating expenses). Open public information on party funding sources and persons (in American standards coupons).

15. Consolidation of association and dissociation of the public administration. Strengthening freedom of association and exodioikitiki recognition of trade unions as representative bodies of workers to collective bargaining (labor contracts, etc.). Remove the special privileges of participation union branches in the administration and all other functions that make the unionization of the political system of vested interests and corruption.

The result of these fundamental changes will be threefold:

The people’s will shall be expressed in much more direct and responsible manner. We will achieve greater independence between the three state functions. We will prevail finally climate of cooperation between political forces and find common understanding places. Why the political class, six years now if not sooner not establish national exit plan out of the crisis? the same with me asking almost all citizens. It is so difficult or civilian personnel who administer the country is inadequate? Concepts such consent, partisan character and cooperation recently began to be implemented by some of the political system.

Formatted subjective and objective factors.

First : lack capable and inspired leadership class

Second : “shallowness structures”, political parties, government, universities, “think tanks”, business class.

Third : “The plan is I” say prime ministers, ministers, businessmen.

Fourth : The national political voluntarism exists beyond -oposdipote refsta- complexity, interdependence, integration.

And Fifth will answer you with an unknown confession Venizelos: We say that Trikoupis was wasteful, the Diligianni demagogue, George indifferent, Constantine frivolous but in the background there is no embedded leadership bourgeoisie. I say explicitly. The National Plan will not is a neutral technocratic paper. the new development model means a new arrangement of forces, changes in motivation and interest structure of the economy and business class itself, that is something that runs counter to the “religion” of the old “status quo”, which represents voluntarily or involuntarily, the established deepest core of political, technocratic and communication system to rain, snow, sun-dried.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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