Ellinopoula.com Gives the Flexibility of Online Learning

By Catherine Tsounis, Contributor

Education is now media oriented. No more taking notes or writing. All curriculum centers around web learning. Choosing a foreign language-learning website is an individual choice. Parents want a program that’s right for his/her child’s language education level, whether a total beginner or an experienced speaker. Ellinopoula.com is an excellent website that can teach a child a language. Ellinopoula.com is available for a reasonable monthly fee. It works well whether a child is a beginner or has knowledge of the Greek language.

Ellinopoula.com has an exceptional interface. Short, down to the point knowledge makes learning Greek in short study sessions. Students are motivated by games, songs, videos, mythology and history activities. Ellinopoula.com appeals to the student’s imagination. An online language study website that is causing a sensation.

Ellinopoula.com has a first rate, steady system, that runs smoothly from one lesson to the other. It is repetitive, using the deductive learning method. It stands out as being outstanding in its field. The lessons are exactly the correct length that will keep the child’s attention span. The learning experience is independent. Students can quiz themselves on lessons, that focus on learning concepts of the Greek language, mythology, history and culture. Students can access Ellinopoula.com from many locations on their laptop or iPad.

There are many benefits to being bilingual. Being able to speak more than one language is a unique asset in school. Learning Greek is not easy. But Ellinopoula.com gives the flexibility of online learning that makes it easy and inspiring. Ellinopoula.com motto is ‘αἰὲν ἀριστεύειν or Ever to excel”. Ellinopoula.com is a learning website for Greek Diaspora students. It is based upon the latest education games and research. Interactive, relevant and entertaining in every way.

Mrs. Anna Sakkis

Mrs. Anna Sakkis, Project Manager said “we have a passion for the Greek language and culture. Technology can make Greek fun to learn. It will not replace a good teacher. Ellinopoula.com focuses on children’s desire for fun and play. We have positive feedback from parents and students. We have a responsibility to spread Hellenism and keep Greek alive among the young.”

“Studies show that a bilingual child succeeds academically more than other children,” she said. “Greek is a precise language whose roots are in the English language. Knowing Greek aids students in exams and state-wide examinations. It is really very easy to subscribe.  Go to Ellinopoula.com. There is a button inviting He/she to start your free month. When he/she clicks it, the person enters email and information, validating subscription. The prices are as follows: Lite, free; Basic, $9.99 and Premium $19.99. Educators receive a 30% discount in two plans. We have produced videos on Greek Easter, animal series and new games. We listen to what our customers tell us, and act.”

Mrs. Anna Sakkis with President Triantafillou of the Greek Teacher’s Association “Prometheus” (left to right) and Publisher/Founder of the Hellenic News of America.

“We created songs, games, videos, Heroes and Monsters, Pegasus, Theseus, the Labyrinth in a work of love in 40 lessons and a curriculum, the Project Director explained. “We have a staff of twenty persons working on website materials. Children love music. They learn around songs. Greek culture in short stories grabs their attention. Our purpose is not to let Greek civilization die. Word of mouth is spreading interest among schools. A school of eight hundred students in Sidney, Australia are interested.”

Mrs. Sakkis gave details that they “have designed a new customized list for each child which we refresh every week. We tell the kids to do two activities each day. The wonderful thing is that they do many more. Greek school once a week must be reinforced with frequent exposure daily. There is no other site in Greek with our many activities. We know our work is copied. But they cannot compete with us. Each day our group of educators, illustrators and designers devise new web content. Talented persons are on our team They develop new material daily.”

The Project Director gave an exciting power point presentation at the Greek Teacher’s Association “Prometheus” event in cooperation with the Hellenic News of America in honor of the late educator Constantine Parthenis, on Sunday February 11th at St. Catherine’s Church, Astoria, New York. “We at Ellinopoula.com has spent endless hours of work to keep people united to the common cause of the Greek language and Hellenism,” she said. “We appreciate President Triantafillou, the Prometheus Board and members who are working tirelessly towards this goal. United we can re-awaken this spirit to the new generation of Greek children. Inspire them to love and embrace our beautiful language, timeless history and rich culture.”

President Triantafillou expressed his “appreciation of your (Mrs. Sakkis’) magnificent work for Hellenism. What a wonderful presentation of a promising new program of learning Greek! The general testimony of all the attendees to the Prometheus Event today was an exuberant affirmation of the excellent work you have initiated with your program of Ellinopoula.com website!  As the President of the Prometheus Board, I am expressing their deep appreciation to you for your presentation and for your contribution of the $ 500.00 to the recently founded Greek Teachers Pension Fund. Hellenism is getting stronger in America with people like you who have vision and a moral commitment to the support of the Greek Teachers.”

Mrs. Sakkis replied that “it is I that must thank you and I do from the bottom of my heart for preparing this celebration and bringing so many people together and for your warm endorsement of the Ellinopoula platform. Not many people realize how much effort and work is needed to organize such an event, but I do and again thank you.  I also recognize that it takes endless hours of work to keep people united to the common cause of the Greek language and Hellenism and you are one of the few people who has been tirelessly working towards this goal. I do hope that united we can re-awaken this spirit to the new generation of Greek children and inspire them to love and embrace our beautiful language, timeless history and rich culture.” Meeting a humble, brilliant businesswoman promoting Ellinopoula.com website opened a new way of using technology to teach Greek.