Enosi Evrytanon “To Karpenisi” Hosts its Annual Karpenisiotiko Glenti

Cedar Grove, NJ- On March 5, 2017, over 500 members and friends of the Enosi Evrytanon, “To Karpenisi” attended the “Karpenisiotiko Glenti” at The Grove.

Great kefi was accompanied by great music by legendary musicians such as Saleas, Klarino, Andreas Konstantinopoulos and Efterpi Limnaiou, singers and the Orchestra of Giorgos Rabos.

Enosi Evrytanon, “To Karpenisi” plays a major role in preserving the Hellenic Spirit in America.  Whether it’s granting scholarships to students of Hellenic descent to ensure the continuation of their education or organizing various cultural events to make people feel at home away from home, Enosi Evrytanon, “To Karpenisi” is striving to keep Hellenism alive.