George Boosalis is the Vice President of Exofab

kalomira george

kalomira george


By Markos Papadatos, Contributing Editor

Special to the Hellenic News of America


George Boosalis is the Vice President of Exofab. It is a leading developer and manufacturer of specially designed guards for device protection with the use of innovative materials.


“My business associates started it in Greece about a year ago. It took off very quickly and it sold 40,000 cell phone case units throughout Europe with a very little marketing budget,” he said. “The cell phone case sticks on mirrors and glass for hands-free selfies, since selfies are really huge lately. iPhones have different colors now and with this case, it lines up perfectly with the phone and it looks like a different kind of iPhone once you see it.”

Boosalis added, “It has a little button on the back, where you can change the logos, so it is like a walking billboard for yourself. Companies that have hundreds of employees can buy for employees and put company logo on it. Sports companies can do the same. If this company goes really well, it will support the office in Greece tremendously and I think it is going to create jobs in Greece, my mother country. I want to do what I can to support Greece.”


Ever since, Boosalis has set up meetings in the United States, in such cities as Los Angeles and New York, and they collaborated with public relations and advertising firms. “The research and development that went into this case took about two years to perfect the product,” he said.


Boosalis is the husband of international recording artist Kalomira, who was the winner of the Greek talent show “Fame Story.” “My wife was a big factor too in Europe and in Greece thanks to her celebrity contacts and that’s how we were able to do this with a small budget,” he said.


Regarding his plans for the future with Exofab, he shared, “The idea is to start with the cell phone cases and then the next product line that will come out is with the iPads. We are going to try to do it for Memorial Day weekend where there will be camouflage and glow in the dark cell phone cases.”


He shared that his company’s name comes from the Greek word “exo,” which means outside, as well as “fab,” which is short for fabulous.


For more information on Exofab, visit its official website.


Photo Courtesy of George Boosalis