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Greece Lacrosse Association raises awareness for sport in Greece

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By Markos Papadatos, Senior Editor


The Greece Lacrosse Association is dedicated to bringing the sport of lacrosse to Greece. They plan to achieve this through the schools, football and basketball clubs.

The nonprofit organization, Greece Lacrosse Association (GLA), was formed by co-founders Paul and George Katsiaunis during the 2014 Men’s Lacrosse World Championship that took place in Denver, Colorado. Ever since its inception, the GLA has grown steadily in the international competition level, as well as in the grassroots level in the motherland (Greece).

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George Katsiaunis, the executive director for the GLA, along with with Bob Vlahakis, the GLA General Manager of Lacrosse Operations, have been working to develop the sport of lacrosse in elementary, middle schools, and high schools, as well as the university levels throughout Greece.

In Thessaloniki, Greece, lacrosse was introduced to over 400 young athletes earlier this year in a four-month program called “Boots on the Ground.”

Last month, the Greek Lacrosse Team played Portugal on May 26, Jamaica on May 27, The Philippines on May 28, as well as Hungary on May 29.


George Moschos, Greek-American lacrosse player from Port Washington, New York, has been collecting equipment to send to Greece as part of his philanthropic endeavors.

To learn more about the Greek Lacrosse Association, check out its official Facebook page, and their homepage.


Photo Credit: Alex Moschos

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