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by Nick Christophers

All artists have their own recipe for creating great work be it via musically, God given talent, nature, or other outside sources. When it comes to Georgia Delphine Koumas all her creations have been derived from dreams that she experienced that assisted in developing her stories. Her first love was music and is classically trained in the piano.
Music played a role on her road into developing her first script about a character in her dreams called, “Gabriella Angel of the White Rose”. That specific storyline takes place on the scenic island of Sicily in the early 1900’s.

Her record producer encouraged her to create a manuscript about the story “Gabriella Angel of the White Rose” which she eventually completed. Georgia studied up on screenwriting and managed to complete a script based on the dream she had about Gabriella. This was her first dip into the film ocean. Her real passion growing up was to perform at Carnegie Hall with a full orchestra. That passion manifested into another dream she had which she titled “Rachmaninoff, The Mirror Revealed” which she also turned into a script.

If there is one project that she has felt a lot of passion for it is the one titled “Lily’s Sacred Journey” whose subject is a Native American. Georgia who has some Native Indian background never really learned much about that side of her family. Her grandmother was of Iroquois origin. But Georgia was raised in the Greek Orthodox faith. The dream inspired her to learn more about Native Americans and did enough research to create the script for “Lily’s Sacred Journey”.

“After completing “Lily” and “Gabriella” I had a dream of a tall Russian Composer. He wanted me to write his story now. Needless to say, I was now becoming overwhelmed by what was happening. I had composed a piece, and I was searching for an arranger to help me. I played the piece for him, and he asked if I ever studied “Rachmaninoff”. I told him “no”, I studied other composers, but not him. He insisted that I did because the piece I composed sounded very similar to Rachmaninoff’s music. And so there the research began. And I was encouraged to title it “Rachmaninoff, The Mirror Revealed” about an ornate mirror, that shows another time and place, where my character sees these visions within the mirror, instead of the dream I really had. And so, I wrote this story loosely based on my own experiences, with my Greek family and traditions in how this all began; I composed music for the entire screenplay. In short, I call it, “A Greek film, about a Russian composer” I know more about this Russian composer, than his own people, as I had a Russian Professor from Hofstra review the story, and she was amazed at the accuracy. All my films, except for “Jeremy”: (Native American/Western) and “Gabiella” I have Greek characters in them.”

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Georgia would go on to win many awards on the film circuit. The awards were for the project “Lily’s Sacred Journey” which won Best short film in Istanbul, Turkey, Best Supporting actor (Mo Brings Plenty), Best Actress Jamie Loy who played Lily, and for Best Original film. All in all, it has won seventeen awards throughout Europe. The actor Mo Brings Plenty met Georgia and was very inspired by her script and wanted to be a part of it. He was amazed at her thorough knowledge of the Lakota people and the struggle their women go through. Georgia would link up with Jr Michael and Kym Harvey from Brick House Pictures and they began to submit to festivals where they broke major ground.

Currently, Georgia’s goal is to turn her late brother’s book into a film. The book which is on Amazon is titled “Patriotic Lies” (https://www.amazon.com/Patriotic-Lies-Mr-Chris-Koumas/dp/1481045512 ) by Chris Koumas. She is also looking to donate proceeds from the project “Lily’s Sacred Journey” to Indian reservations to ones that really need it. In addition, once her brother’s script is picked up those proceeds she would like to donate to the “Wounded Warriors” organization. Georgia’s family is stepped in the armed forces as her father was a Marine and died serving and her brother was in the Air Force. She is on a mission to make her dreams flow on the big screen so others can enjoy and learn from her visions for a better world.

“A chosen path is never easy, and sometimes, I wished I could go and join my family and my friends, and a young Greek boy that I once loved, who has crossed over also. But I had to keep going and “never give up and after the lessons have been learned, the right people will come in to help you realize and believe the truth behind the dreams and visions. That this was surely, a Divine Chosen Path, and even though, we don’t realize it, we are given the Warrior Spirit to keep going.”

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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