By: Markos Papadatos, Senior Editor

Performer Kyle Efthemes of The Chippendales chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about the new interactive virtual experience of the band “Chippendales@Home,” which is available for healthcare workers and first responders for free for a limited time.

“We are making the most out of the situation that we are in,” Efthemes said. He noted that The Chippendales is a full-circle moment for him. “I started out with The Chippendales and now I have been back with them for four years,” he said.

Efthemes also spoke about “Chippendales@Home,” the new interactive virtual experience. The brand has launched online experiences as people are urged to stay inside due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Recent digital offerings include at-home workouts with Chippendales cast member Ryan Worley, Instagram Live chats with alumni of The Chippendales, and light-hearted digital content such as one of its current cast members performing a lap dance for a 12-pack of toilet paper. “The virtual parties are really cool. It is 30 minutes long so that’s a lengthy time to have with us,” he said.

Most importantly, for a limited time, The Chippendales is offering this service for free as a “thank you” to all first responders and healthcare workers as well as to any ticket purchaser that was unable to attend one of their postponed shows. For more information, check out the official Chippendales website. “That is very exciting, especially since it is helping out the first responders and healthcare workers that are working tirelessly during this pandemic,” he said.

In addition, Chippendales has been offering its fans and followers Cameos online via the Cameo website. “The cameos are really cool too,” he said. “They are a nice way to be personable with the fans.”

During this Coronavirus pandemic, Efthemes has been involved with house projects such as painting cabinets, as well as landscaping his backyard. “I have been keeping myself very busy,” he said and added that he has been doing “Insanity” workouts at home.

A neat moment for Efthemes was when veteran comedian Lisa Lampanelli paid a special guest visit to their show. “That was so cool. She is hilarious. She was a pistol up on stage. She was a lot of fun. Her facial reactions were simply priceless. Lisa was so great,” he said.

In his personal life, he shared that he is fully vegan for the past six years. “Vegan food is pretty good,” he admitted.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Efthemes said with a laugh, “COVID-19.” “It is almost comforting since everybody is in this situation together,” he said.

Efthemes noted that every moment in his career as a dancer and performer has helped define him into the person and entertainer that he is today. “You learn from every moment and you get better. Even as a perfectionist, I always look for ways to improve myself,” he said.

For Efthemes, the word success is a revolving answer. “Sometimes, success has a money ring to it, sometimes, it has more of a happiness ring to it. Right now, success is happiness,” he explained.

He also opened up about his Greek background and heritage. “My real last name is Efthemeopulas,” he said. “People tell me all the time that I have a Greek nose. I acknowledge it and I am very proud of it,” he said with a laugh.

Efthemes enjoys going to Greek festivals in Las Vegas with his family members. He thanked his Greek-American fans and supporters for “being on this journey” with him. “I would love to someday change my last name back to Efthmeopulas,” he said.

Come to Las Vegas and see the show. We will be back and we will probably be one of the first shows open. Come and have a good with us, since we are anxious to be back performing again. Our show is amazing and we have a great host,” he concluded for his Las Vegas fans.


Photo Credit: Christopher DeVargas