By: Barbara Goldsmith, Special to the Hellenic News of America

For the fourth consecutive year, Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos triumphed in the “Best of Long Island” competition. He scored two wins in the “Arts and Entertainment” section this year, where he bested some very stiff competition. 

He won the coveted “Best Long Island Personality” title and was named “Best Blogger” for the third consecutive year. He was also nominated for “Best Author on Long Island.” In 2017, Papadatos’ @Powerjournalist handle was named the “Best Twitter Account from Long Island,” and rightfully so.

“I am beyond humbled and honored to be named ‘Best Long Island Personality of 2020’ in the Arts and Entertainment section,” he said. “I am so grateful. That was such a pleasant surprise. To earn a title that has gone to such distinguished individuals as Billy Joel and Brimstone in the past, is truly incredible. I had the great fortune to interview both of them over the years and they are exceptional Long Islanders. I respect their work. I feel like I am living a dream.”

“I am so happy because the best thing I ever did in my life is leave Corona, Queens,” he said. “Thank you so much to everybody who believed in me and voted for me, from the bottom of my heart. I asked for votes, and all of you showered me with more love than I ever thought was possible,” he exclaimed.

Papadatos serves as an Editor-at-Large of the online news publication, Digital Journal, as well as Senior Editor of the Hellenic News of America, Contributing Editor of the Greek-American Herald, and most recently, Senior Editor of Raver Magazine. “Many thanks to CEO and founder Michael Beas for taking me on to Raver Magazine back in the summer of 2019,” he said. 

Ever grateful, Papadatos realized that it takes more than an army to accomplish this milestone, so he thanked everybody who helped him along the way.

Thank you to the following people:

Cindy Vasko, NyCarole Luca, Agatha, Gus and Evangelia, Ken Phillips, Jane Zeigler, Mariella Stockmal, Steve Stockmal, Michael Caprio, Jasmin LaGuerta, AnnMarie Orlando Giglio, Xeno Papasimakis, Elianna Papasimakis, DJ Sandra Dee, Karen Moss, Jake Resnicow, Nancy Venti Clark, Dawn Fisher, Loreno Mayer, Sothia Chhoeum, Angelica, Theresa and Diane Schneider, Shawn O’Connor, photographer Daniel Mitchell, Alan Mercer, Barbara and Arlene Goldsmith, Denise Cirolia, Bubba Sparks and all the pole vaulters, Bruce Caldwell and the track and field community, Linda Prefontaine, Marla McKenna, Bryan Floyd, Nicole Cappiello, Kelsey Elizabeth Edquist, Elena Kay, Chad Schubert, Jack Ketsoyan, Carie Karavas, Gabriel Herring, Matt and Ashlee Williams, Mrs. Theodora Leperides, Vass, Leah Connolly and Ben Morling at Urban Rebel PR, Mason Siegel, Mark Mancino, Jenny Bohler, Susan Niles, Martha Moore, Professor Doreen Schmitt, Billy Dufresne, Fran DeFeo, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees, Anthony Langone, Kory, Erin and everybody at Marbaloo, Avery King, Elise Anderson, Pauline Esposito, Salina Solomon, Alex and Olga Moschos, Melani Rogers, Teresa Ann, Paul Armento, Lou Peragine, Nick Rice, Michael Catalano, Edvin Ortega, Steve Bitterman, Shari Bitterman, Kate Richardson, Lynn Tinsey and everybody at Richlynn Group, Phil Smith, Gene Englese, Mike Savage, Demetra Lecourezos, Aubrey Wollett, Marisa Mathew, Victoria Varela, Donna Pucciarelli, Stearns Nation PR, Herman Canosa, Spiro Markatos, Christos Pavlatos, Eric Hafker and Maria Cuchifrita and family, Dawn Andrew, Alex Andrew, Todd Greenstein, Toly Rod,  Stephen Rosenbluth, Jennifer Robin Rosenbluth, Jason DeLeo, Cathy Santana Dunn, Efren Santana, Kelly Karavites, Jeff Gulko, Peter Marks, KellyAnn Kelly, Jackie Wright, Rebecca Yako, Deborah Palmo, Danielle Benya, Jane DiGioia, Cheri Berry, Michael Stover, Gigi Dimichino, Angela Ferazzoli, Lori Murciano, Sammi Rae Murciano, Virginia Barnett, Carol Barnett, Cheryl Dobbins, Priscilla Arena, Felisha Suggs, Jay Lane, Sheri Barnett, Chrissy Antosca, Claudine Webb, Stacey, Adrienne Brown, Lorraine DeFlorio Nichols, Michael and Brooke Sarysz, Billy Holland and Cathy Nakos, Joseph Benegbi, Alexandrea Fortin, Bernadette and Jenn Pesco, Elizabeth Waldman Frazier, Rosalie Tuchman, Ria Kavallieratou, Dani-elle Kleha, Mickey Jack Cones, Oliver McClellan, Kim Vanderhofe, Cindi Braff, T.J. Clemente, Michael Zhonga, Dominiki Damoulianos, Willie D. Stevens, Kyle Stevens, Danny Romano, Jonathan Schulman, Kerri and Philip Barbera, Kristine Kennedy, Michael Beas, Ms. Kathleen Connell, Andrew Vagenas, Clint Morris and everybody at October Coast Publicity, Tim Stark, Andrea Bruno-Buttafuoco, Tiffany Moriarty, Kimberly Jones Buckner Warren, magician Jorgos Pampoukidis and Sevi Pampoukidou, Gary Hahn, Donna Kessinger, Petros Arzoumanidis, Carolann Hynes, Deb Quimby, Lindsay Fellows, Wendy-Wilson Mchenry, Mike Foland, Noreen Onorato, Jillian Onorato, Missy Ducharme, Don Murry Grubbs, Kay Waggoner Burney, Glenna Freedman, Judy and Sean Katz, Scott Adkins and Kelli Wasilauski at Adkins Publicity, Joey Amato, Zach Farnum and Erin Fligel at 117 Group, Florence Vasilatos Zuder, Donna Sullivan, Dale Ann Bradley, Shannon Danielle Cones, Sarah Elder Lyons, Elizabeth Lyons, Carrie Farley, Loretta Cassidy Andrus, Gina Miller, Melissa Dragich-Cordero, Lisa Polizzi, Laura Desantis-Olsson, Cindy Hunt and Monarch Publicity, Michele Frantzeskos, Hillary Epstein, Kat Smith, Colleen, Maggie Houlehan and Yvette Shearer, Sharon Hershberg, Edvin Ortega, David Buckner, Chris Jehnert, Karen Tallier, Jo Weil, Donna DeMeo Wicelinksi, Maria Giokaris, Jake Basden, Cristian Camilo Castro, Nancy Vazquez, Valerie, Will Kelly, Kali Chan, Mike DelGuidice and everybody at Big Shot, Ellen McAlpin, Lauren Davidson, Nancy Anastasio, Christopher and Jessica Anastasio, Caitlyn Dwyer, Dixie Owen, Deborah Radel and Jenna Roy at DRPR, Michael Dempsey, Linda Rohe, Erica Gerard, Nikos Arholekas, David “Dibby” Warren and The Marshall Tucker Band, Ed Solorzano, and Kristin Loretta, Paula Tountasakis, Kevin Perkins, George Birge and Cody Cooper from Waterloo Revival, Andrew Persaud, Amy Starr Weldon, Candice Sirota, Jerry and Louise Bruno, Alex Blake, Claire Cook, Kristin Palmer, Stephanie Reeves-DeVage, Beverly Praytor Clugston, Sally Tervis, Shanelle Lynn Zimmerman, Tina Healy-Leather, Melissa Mathews, Tina Wiskemann, and Jolyn Matsumuro, among others.

The Powerjournalist added, “As always, a special thank you to Digital Journal (and my colleagues Dr. Tim Sandle and Karen Graham), the Greek-American community, Aphrodite and Paul Kotrotsios of the Hellenic News of America, the Ken Phillips Group, Armada Music (Lisanne, Carmen, Marije, Nicole and Justine), Doug Gray and The Marshall Tucker Band, Coastal Entertainment, Neraki Greek Mediterranean Grill, GreeKrave, Star Struck Fan Events, Samantha’s Friends, Queens College, Saint Francis Prep High School, Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall (Ricky Cappiello, Tim Murray and Bobby Karounos), Rockwells in Pelham, the Governor’s Comedy Clubs on Long Island, The Paramount (Adam Ellis), and my mother, Effie, and family for all of their support.”

Many thanks to PR teams over at “The Young and The Restless,” “The Bold and The Beautiful,” “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” for immersing me in the daytime world. Special thanks to the digital drama series “The Bay” (especially Gregori J. Martin, Kristos Andrews and Wendy Riche), “Ladies of the Lake” and “A Mermaid for Christmas” (Michael Caruso and Barbi Caruso), “Studio City” (Sean Kanan and Patrika Darbo)  and “After Forever” (Kevin Spirtas and Michael Slade).

Thanks to the amazing people and fans I met in the daytime world for all their love and support this year: Keith Holley, Paul Barotti, Michael Fairman, Sammy Bozza, Alice Bozza, Michael Watters, Kathy Watters, Gina Johnny Morgan, Jennifer Edelson, Lisa Malley, Noreen Taylor, Tiffany Ladner, Angela Joy Cole, Michele Lynn, Becca Carpenter, Joanie Nowak, Jamie Prevatt, Robin Ward, Penny MacGregor, Mark Edward Wilows, Susan Farbizio, Rosalie Leto, Christine Carnazza, and Tina Rosado, among other dedicated soap fans.

Special thanks to everybody at New York’s Country 94.7 (and Entercom) especially John Foxx, Kelly Ford, Jesse Addy, Katie Neal, Mike Allan, and the Entercom PR team.

Thank you to USA Swimming, the International Swimming League (ISL), and the entire swimming community for embracing me the last few three (almost) years, especially Michael Andrew, and the Andrew family (Peter and Tina Andrew). Also, thank you Nathan Adrian, Ryan Murphy, Caeleb Dressel, Jason Lezak, Lenny Krayzelburg, Brendan Hansen, Aaron Peirsol, Natalie Coughlin, Michael Chadwick, Guilherme Guido, Chad Le Clos, and Josh Davis (and the Breakout Swim Clinic), for the incredible interviews and for being great role models for the youth.

“Most importantly, I want to thank every single person I ever interviewed in life,” he underscored. “I love telling everybody’s stories, and I am humbled that they trust me to share their stories with the rest of the world.”

“Also, if I forgot anybody, I am so sorry… but please know that you are all appreciated very much. I am beyond grateful for you all,” Papadatos said, graciously.

The Powerjournalist concluded, “It took me 14 years of hard work, perseverance and diligence to become an overnight success… and 12,886 articles bylines, as of today.”

In other news, Papadatos co-authored the inspirational book, “Manifesting Your Dreams,” along with author Marla McKenna and multiple other co-authors. It peaked at No. 1 in three Amazon categories such as “Baseball Biographies,” “Swimming” and “Grief & Bereavement.” It also landed in the Top 15 in the “Adoption” section and at No. 30 in the “Journalist Biographies” section of Amazon; moreover, the book was recently featured in an Oprah Magazine article entitled “How to Manifesting Anything.”


One thing is for sure! The sky’s the limit for this Powerjournalist. Most importantly, Markos Papadatos is not in Corona anymore! #heleft.