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Moving forward with Leonidas AHEPA Chapter 77

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By Anastasios Stefos

BINGHAMTON, NY – On January 24, 2021, Leonidas AHEPA Chapter 77, had the honor of initiating seven new members through ceremony, into the brotherhood. The initiation ceremony was held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Binghamton. AHEPA District 6 Director of Membership & Events Argyris Argitakos was present and read the oath to the new members. The historic AHEPA Chapter 77 established on July 12, 1925 and reactivated on May 27, 2018 recently sponsored a very successful coat drive in November 2020 for Binghamton’s Woodrow Wilson Elementary and East Middle School. 

Front row (left to right): George Papastratis, Anastasios Stefos, George Stefos, Alex Kermidas, 
Chris Papastrat, James Papastrat, John Anastos and James Anastos
Back row (left to right): John Kermidas, Kyle Rizzo, John Koutsaris, Ernie Skiadas, Peter Diamantakos, 
Jason Hopf and Nick Pappas
Photo: Argyris Argitakos

Supreme President George Horiates and Vice President Jimmy Kokotas joined virtually from the AHEPA Supreme Lodge. In addition, the chapter also welcomed AHEPA District 6 Governor Lou Katsos, Lt. Governor Dean Moskos, Secretary Chris Pappis, and Past District 6 Governor Demi Pamboukes.

Left to right: James Anastos, Argyris Argitakos, James Papastrat, Chris Papastrat, Alex Kermidas, Anastasios Stefos, and John Anastos
Photo: Argyris Argitakos

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The officers are President Chris Papastrat, Vice President Alex Kermidas, Secretary Anastasios Stefos, and Treasurer Leon Anastos. Congratulations Leonidas AHEPA Chapter 77. May you enjoy years of success, health and happiness, as the AHEPA brand journeys to its 100th Anniversary in 2022. 



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