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GreeceNew letter from Chris Spirou to the Secretary General of the United...

New letter from Chris Spirou to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres

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Manchester, NH, March 13, 2018



In a ten page historically documented letter, to the Secretary General and the five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council, Chris Spirou declares:

“Mr. Secretary General, as a Greek American political leader, I am writing to express my personal concerns about the current negotiations taking place between Matthew Nimetz, the United Nations “Special Representative for the naming dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,” and the governments of Greece and of “FYROM.”

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Mr. Secretary-General, there is one, and only one, permanent solution to the “Macedonia” name dispute. And that is for the United Nations to name the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM” with a name more suited to the ethnological composition of its inhabitants. A name of their own choice. Today’s temporarily named “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM” will not be able to peacefully and permanently exist in the region with “Macedonia” in its name.

The United Nations Security Council must understand that today’s “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM” is located in the geographic area of the “Vardarska” Region of the former Yugoslavia. The “Vardarska” Region of the former Yugoslavia is not Macedonia. It never was. And the inhabitants of the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM” are not Macedonians. They never were. Thus, the United Nations permanently recognizing a new nation with Macedonia in its name, next to the Greek Province of Macedonia, will make the United Nations a direct accomplice to a flagrant distortion of world history.

Mr. Secretary General, the inhabitants of today’s “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM” claim to be Slavo-Macedonians, as an oxymoron as that new ethnic concoction may sound. But King Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great’s father, and Aristotle, the great philosopher and Alexander the Great’s teacher, were Macedonian Hellenes. They were not Slavo-Macedonians. Those are undisputed historical facts. And I offer two more undisputed historical facts for your consideration, for the consideration of the five permanent members of the Security Council and for the members of the United Nations General Assembly.

It is an undisputed historical fact, that the brilliant, historically documented achievements of the “Hellenistic Period,” 323 – 30 B.C., were not the achievements of the ancestors of today’s “Former Socialist Republic of Macedonia,” Slavo-Macedonians. The achievements of the “Hellenistic Period” were the products of the ancient civilized world, which was created by Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia. And it is a historically documented fact that it was Macedonian Hellene, King Alexander the Great, who was the first world leader, to declare his commitment to racial equality, to religious tolerance and to peaceful co-existence amongst peoples.

Mr. Secretary General, Alexander the Great, made his historic declarations for racial equality, for religious tolerance and for peaceful co-existence, more than 2000 years before those words were uttered by President Abraham Lincoln, by Mahatma Gandhi, and by Martin Luther King. At a Symposium held at the ancient city of Opi, today’s city of Jaffa, in the state of Israel, before 9000 officials and notables of all races, Greeks, Persians, and Medes, Alexander the Great declared his dream for the future, telling the 9000 officials and notables present in an “Oath”:

“Now that the wars have come to an end, I wish all of you to prosper in peace. May all the mortals, from now on, live as one nation, reconciled, for the common wealth. Consider the universe to be your country, with common laws, where the best will govern, regardless of their race. I do not divide the humans, as the narrow-minded do, in Greeks and barbarians. I am interested neither in the descent of the citizens, nor in their race. I divide them according to only one criterion, virtue. To me every good foreigner is Greek and every bad Greek is worse than a barbarian.

If ever you come to a dispute, you are not to resort to arms, but you must solve it peacefully. If necessary, I will stand as your arbitrator. You must not consider God to be an authoritarian governor, but a common father to all, so that your behavior resembles the life of the brothers in a family. I consider all humans to be equal, white or dark skinned. And I would like you to be not only citizens of my commonwealth, but also active participants and partners. I will do everything in my power, so that what I promise will come true. Keep this oath, which we took together tonight, as a symbol of love.”

Mr. Secretary General, King Alexander the Great spoke to the 9000 officials and notables present in Opi in the Greek language. Alexander the Great did not declare his “Oath” in Opi in 324 B.C. in the 1945-invented pseudo-Slavo-Macedonian linguistic concoctions. And it would be an international historical crime and a historical cultural forgery if the United Nations in its collective judgment decides to permanently recognize the Yugoslav Administrative Region of “Vardarska” as an independent nation with “Macedonia” in its name, in any shape or form. And transfers Alexander the Great’s “Oath” and the achievements of the “Hellenistic Period” to the Slavo-Macedonian imposters, whom Marshall Tito decided to baptize as Macedonians in 1944.

From what I know, Mr. Secretary General, the United Nations was created to prevent conflict, to promote peace and to preserve world history. I hope and pray that the United Nations will live up to its honorable mission with the “Macedonia” name dispute.



The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.


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