Washington D.C.- The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation, in collaboration with the National Hellenic Society, held a mentor meet-and-greet for over twenty PanHellenic and Heritage Greece/Heritage America Alumni at the beautiful home of Board Members Ted & Demetra Argeroplos. Mentors, from a variety of fields ranging from dentistry to law to investment banking, met with students to help guide and inspire them, providing them with career insight and advice.
PanHellenic Board Member Ted Argeroplos had this to say about the event, “When our parents and grandparents came to this country, they always had a patron or mentor who guided them toward building a better life here in the U.S. Today, post-graduation can be very difficult for our youth. The key to their success is to provide them with quality mentors who can guide them through the early years of their career. Regional mentoring events can be offered throughout the nation by our board members, donors, and supporters. It is an easy, yet impactful way to give back to the Greek American community.”
Chairman of the PanHellenic, Robert Buhler remarked, “All of us at the Foundation are so thankful to Ted & Demetra for hosting a wonderful and meaningful event. They truly understand and have embraced our new initiative of going Beyond a Scholarship. We look forward to having more events like this across the nation.”
Again, a special thank you to Ted & Demetra Argeroplos and the National Hellenic Society for co-hosting this worthwhile mentoring event.