Mourns the Passing of Alexis Galanos

During the past forty plus years that I have been involved in the struggle of the Cypriot people for Freedom and Justice, we had to bear the loss of friends and co-workers who died with the dream of returning to their homes and seeing a free and united Cyprus.

Today we lost a true champion of freedom, my friend Alexis Galanos, who dedicated his life to the cause of the return of Famagusta to its rightful owners and the return of all refugees to their homes.  A man of absolute integrity, he refused to compromise Democratic principles, Hellenic ideals and values for the sake of expediency. His passing serves as a reminder to all of us that we have to redouble our efforts and continue the struggle for the return of all Cypriots to their homes.  We are reminded that we have promises to keep, promises to our parents and grandparents and in particular to our children, to see a free and united Cyprus.

We salute his dedication and commitment and no matter how frustrated and disappointed we are.  His passing is an inspiration and motivation:

The work goes on,

The hope endures and

The dream of a free and united Cyprus

Will never die!


Farewell my friend and may your memory be eternal.

Philip Christopher