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Thursday, September 29, 2022



The gentle Greek Island of Ammouliani

The sun glints off white sand and aqua water as I walk down the stairs to Alikes Beach. One of six major beaches on...

Ten innovative Greek lodgings

The term lodgings denote more than one style of accommodation, and innovative is an artistic expression. Whether on business travel or a road trip...

Tor Hotels: Greek destinations within destinations

There are hotels that are destinations, and then there are hotels in destinations. Tor Hotels offer both. Macedonia – a name that rings with history...

Hymn to Demeter: ‘ΕχΩ ΦΑεΙ

“Hail, goddess, and nurse peace, that he who sows may also reap.”  (Callimachus, poet, 3rd century BCE) The Temple to Demeter overlooks the productive agricultural...

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