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Sunday, September 25, 2022



Amazons and Myrmidons perform at the Greek Independence Day Parade in Baltimore

By: Sean Dodds This parade marked the third year we have participated in the Baltimore Greek Independence Day Parade. It was the first time marching...

Greek Independence Day Parade Under a Beautiful Blue and White Baltimore Sky

By Joanne Trikoulis,  Special to The Hellenic News of America Photo Credits Konstantinos and Michael Frangos     The color of the Baltimore skies on April 2, 2017 were...

Greek Independence Day Parade in the Heart of Greektown Baltimore

By Joanne Trikoulis Photo Credits: Georgia Vavas & Aphrodite Kotrotsios   On the beautiful sunny yet windy 3rd day of April, spectators from across the Mid-Atlantic region...

A Special Moment for the Myrmidons at St. Nicholas’s Greek Festival in Baltimore

This was my most special moment at this show, and one of my favorite memories of the Myrmidons. I suspect it always will be....

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