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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Year of Culture and Tourism of Greece-China has started

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“Tourism and culture are a privileged field of cooperation and strengthening of relations between peoples and cultures, let alone between them with a long history. These are exactly the goals of the Year of Culture and Tourism of Greece-China: the deepening of traditionally close relations between the two countries, the confirmation of the friendship of the two peoples, but also the expansion of their cooperation through the organization of events in the fields of culture and tourism, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Greece in Beijing “he said in his greeting the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias at the beginning of the work of the Year of Culture and Tourism of Greece – China.

He continued: “In this context, a series of actions are planned that will enhance the readability of the tourism product of the two countries, with a special focus on the fields of cultural, gastronomic and film tourism.

At the Ministry of Tourism, we seek to deepen bilateral tourism cooperation with China, as well as to promote actions and policies that upgrade the offered tourism product, thus contributing to the extension of the tourist season through the development of special forms of tourism (cultural tourism, wedding , health and wellness tourism, film tourism, etc.) and the acquaintance of visitors from China with new places and points of interest throughout the territory.

The Year of Culture and Tourism of Greece-China is an opportunity to further strengthen and deepen relations between the regions and provinces of the two countries, as well as their travel and tourism associations, but also for the growing familiarity of the travel community with wide portfolio of tourism products held by the two major markets for global tourism. Issues of continuous improvement of the quality and innovation of the tourist offer and the strengthening of the possibilities of sustainable tourism management by the tourism actors will also be in the forefront.

With the certainty that the ongoing dialogue between cultures as well as the travel community can contribute to the restoration of tourism activity and travel flows, I wish the Year of Culture and Tourism Greece-China to be a tool for coordination and enrichment of these efforts, beneficial for the dynamics of tourism in Europe and Asia. ”

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