Trimorphic Muse: Harmony of Dispersed Hellenic Rhythms



Trimorphic Muse: Harmony of Dispersed Hellenic Rhythms by Christos Evangeliou — 
April 2006 (Vol. I)/June 2006 (Vol. II)

About the book — The Trimorphic Muse is a two-volume collection of beautiful and nostalgic poems inspired by the beauty of Greece and the passionate love of those Greeks who, for diverse reasons, have been forced to live away from the beloved fatherland (Sweetly Kissing Muse, vol. I; and Muse Playful and Muse Prophetic, vol. II). Written by a man who was born and educated in Greece, but lived his mature life in the Greek Diaspora, the poems movingly reflect the feelings, the thoughts, and the nostos of all the Greeks of the Diaspora and their good friends. In fact, the poems were written for those dispersed Greeks all over the world and the few Philhellenes who love them dearly, understand their nostalgia, and sympathize with their pain of xenitia. So, if you are Hellenes or Philhellenes, with friends or relatives in the Diaspora, you will find in these poems a piece of your Hellenic soul and will be moved deeply, especially if you know how to read Greek. But if you are neither the one nor the other, then these poems are not for you. And if you are either the one or the other, but you have the misfortune of not knowing Greek, then perhaps you must first learn Greek, or wait until the poems have been translated into English or other languages, if this is possible for such poems.

About the author — Dr. Christos C. Evangeliou is a Professor of Philosophy at Towson University, Maryland, where he teaches, among other subjects, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Medieval & Hellenistic Philosophy. He holds degrees in Classics and Philosophy from the University of Athens, Greece, and Emory University, USA, respectively. He is the American Representative of the International Center of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research, based in Athens, Greece. Dr. Evangeliou is the author of several other books and numerous scholarly papers.

Book details — Softcover: 140 pages (Vol. I), 141 pages (Vol. II) 
Publisher: Feather Star Publishing (April 2006, Vol. I; June 2006, Vol. II) 
Language: Greek 
ISBN: 0977376915 (Vol. I), 0977376923 (Vol. II)  How to order — You may order the books directly from the author by sending an e-mail to him at [email protected] 
Price: $30.00 (USD) per volume, $50.00 for both.