UNBELIEVABLE… BUT TRUE – My Thought of the Day.

Andreas C Chrysafis
Andreas C Chrysafis

Fifty three years ago today, Turkish fighter planes bombarded villages in the Tilliria region using outlawed chemical napalm bombs against innocent civilians and burning men, women and children alive. Turkey was never held accountable for those atrocities committed against humanity and the Greek population – not even by the UN.


Each year the Turkish Cypriots celebrate those barbarities with parades, offering speeches of bravery in a display of nationalism and arrogance over those same brutalities.


It’s pathetic for the Cyprus government to reach so low on allowing a string of convoys full of Turkish Cypriots and Grey Wolves to cross over so they can enter the enclave of Kokkina and celebrate those atrocious events of 1964; events the Turks consider a victory!


While Cypriot Greeks commemorate the dead of Black August, the government’s decision to accommodate the Turks it’s not only insulting and humiliating but an outright stupidity! Instead of blocking their entry to Kokkina, it issued permits so the horde can cross over unhindered and dance on the graves of Greeks. How stupid is that? Unbelievable!


Where no leadership exists, stupidity reigns supreme!


Andreas C Chrysafis

August 8, 2017