We look forward to seeing you at the Hermes Expo on Wednesday, April 25th in Philadelphia!

Get Your Complimentary Energy Audit

Visit our booth at the Hermes Expo on Wednesday, April 25th at the Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia.  


As your energy advisor, WGL Energy makes it easy for you to make smart energy and sustainability decisions for restaurant franchises, hotels, and various commercial, industrial and government entities.

We offer:

  • Innovative, scalable and sustainable options to diversify a traditional portfolio of electricity and/or natural gas supply
  • Holistic solutions for energy efficiency that address all aspects of your business
  • Carbon offsets for greening your facility and events
  • A free online energy management tool with insights and metrics to help you better manage your energy budget

Let WGL Energy review how your business consumes energy and we can offer energy efficient measures that can save you money.  We do all the work!

To receive your complimentary energy audit and learn more about WGL Energy, please contact me to get started!


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Business Development Manager
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