“Women in Greek print ads in the 1960s‏”

   The subject of this research, which constitutes a historical case study analysis of advertising communications, is quite broad and interesting. The author tries with many valuable references to other types of post-war advertising standards (USA, East Germany) to check through the reader’s interest in the unique case of Greece of the 1960’s, where print advertising, and especially that relating to female consumption, thrives. Through an inventive, while argumentatively narrative, and a wealth of new data and information, the author attempts to show the importance of the role of Greek women not only as consumers, but primarily as the protagonists in the formation of these ads, and consequently to the then new consumption model, imported from the U.S.

   What are the similarities of the American women as protagonists in the world of advertising with the women as consumers in the 1960’s Greece? Are the print ads women nothing but “hybrids” of the American imperialist consumption model and the Greek consumerism boom of that era? What are the technical, aesthetic, but also social and cultural connotations of the print female advertising in Greece in 1960s? How do they reflect the women’s position in society? These, along with many other questions are about to be debated thoroughly.

Caesarpress-Academic Publishing, Wien, Austria, 2015.

 Author: Johannis Tsoumas

Pages: 170

Language: English

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