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In the Land of Kings: Treasures of Zimbabwe

According to Ian Hammer, the 4,000 to 6,000-year-old Zimbabwe cave art lavishly splashed across the smooth, curved rock as if a post-modern mural is a diary. The hunter-gatherer Bushman moved from place to place every couple weeks. The dozens of overlapping animals painted at different times gave the ancient viewer a report on the type of animals in the area, plants that could be used for poisons to tip their hunting spears and medicines as well as useful information for understanding their environment. To me, as a chef, it’s a visual grocery list. What we’re looking at are not mere paintings or else they would have never lasted for millenniums. They are etched into the rock wall by pigments mixed with urine. The Bushman evolved beyond the more ancient cave painters and even today they use a mixture of hematite, ash, pumice and gall bladder bile – the secret ingredient – in their art. There are dozens of such caves, outcroppings and pictographs on random rocks throughout Matobo National Park, a Zimbabwe UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is situated in the magnificent Matobo Hills, a range of domes, spires and balancing rock formations which have been hewn out of the solid granite plateau through erosion over millions of years. For centuries the Matobo Hills have been sacred ground for the Ndebele. Matobo National Park in southwestern Zimbabwe is...

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Mexican New World Cuisine at Festival Gourmet International

                              by Marc d’Entremont Slow braised, banana leaf wrapped Angus beef short ribs, or vegan tofu and hazelnut stuffed beetroot to fresh shucked oysters topped with raw quail egg, caviar and sea urchin, the Festival Gourmet International showcased Mexico’s new world cuisine. For twenty-two years Puerto Vallarta – a food tourism powerhouse – has hosted the festival attracting an eclectic and enthusiastic mix of international and Mexican chefs eager to turn the nation’s premium food products into culinary art works. Among many highlights in the 2016 festival were high profile vegan events and fine wines from Baja’s Valle de Guadeloupe. Unlike most culinary festivals, Puerto Vallarta’s Festival Gourmet International stretches over eleven days with dozens of events including one-time themed dinners and brunches, wine and tequila tastings to cooking classes and lunches with quest chefs. Participating restaurants throughout the city offered nightly festival menus ranging from Pakistani to vegan prepared by guest chefs. More than one first time visitor to Puerto Vallarta and the festival commented on how they had “no idea” cuisine in Mexico was so varied. The name of one popular American icon of Tex-Mex food was often cited. Like an amuse bouche, here are highlights that ought to entice you to attend the 23rd festival in November 2017. Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel...

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