By Chris Pappis

On Sunday, November 10th, the James Plevritis – Joseph C. Keane Chapter #405 of New Rochelle, New York paid tribute, honored, expressed gratitude and respect and pride to the communities veterans who have served and continue to serve in the United States armed forces during times of war and peace. The presentation of the colors, the anthems and the names of the deceased and living members were announced by Father Andrew.

In addition, the chapter, fulfilled its pledge of $15,000 with payment for an AHEPA Service Dog, to Past Supreme Governor and National Projects Chairman, George Karatzia and to Co-Chairman Bob Fourniadis participating in the presentation. Also participating in the presentation were Past Supreme Governor Chris Diamantoukos and Supreme Governor Tom Dushas. 

AHEPA New Rochelle Remembers Veterans and Adopts Service Dog

Brother Karatzia, in his emotional remarks stated, AHEPA, continues to raise awareness, about the consequences of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the extraordinary efforts to improve quality of life of veterans made possible through Service Dogs. To date the AHEPA national project has raised more than $504,000 for 31 Service Dogs.

The impressive ceremony included veteran David Castro, his wife Wanda and Service Dog “Hunter”, who were in the forefront of the chapters large delegation marching to the altar. The chapters service dog is named “Keane” in honor of its distinguished Past President, Joseph C. Keane, who led the chapter for 27 years and is also a veteran. The community responded with a standing ovation for the ceremony. 

Chapter President, Harry Fotiadis, concluded the presentation by thanking all those attending and announced the entire congregation of close to 300 people were invited to the chapters brunch which was held in the parishes social hall.

It was one of the chapters finest moments, a proud group of more than 165 members.


Photos courtesy of AHEPA