The Consecration of Saint George Greek Orthodox Church of Hamilton, NJ

October 14th & 15th, 2017

What is a consecration?

When a church is consecrated, its altar is entombed with holy relics of saints and is anointed with Holy Myron. The ceremony of consecration also contains a procession around the building and a ceremonial opening of its doors by the bishop. The doors, walls, columns, and icons are also anointed by the bishop.

The Consecration should not be confused with the blessing of the building and the church’s formal opening for worship.

The Process

In order for the consecration to take place the church has to be prepared and that involves adorning the church and preparing it, much in the same way that we prepare a child for his/her baptism with the finest of everything.

His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos has be very helpful to us in preparing a list of items required to proceed with the ceremony. This list is made available for parishioners who wish to offer donations, please see below.

​We will be compiling a special Commemorative Journal that will be given to all Stewards of the Church in January. Parishioners and friends will be able to take out advertisements or messages in the journal that will also include an extensive history of St. George Greek Orthodox Church starting in 1922 to the present.

​This is a very exciting time for our community and we will be sharing more information continually, as it is available. This will  include details of the Gala Celebration that will be held on this very auspicious occasion. Of course it takes a whole community to achieve this milestone and we thank you for your support in advance. Please review the Consecration Donation List and contact the Church office with any questions.

1200 Klockner Road, Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ 08619


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