By Markos Papadatos, Senior Editor
Latin singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias Jr. chatted with HNA about his new music, as well as being an artist in the digital age. He also spoke about his influences and revealed his dream female duet choice.

On February 14, 2020, which coincides with Valentines Day, Iglesias Jr. will be releasing his highly-anticipated EP Timeless. “It’s a romantic record. I grew up going to my father’s concerts, and I traveled with him,” he said. “He told me that someday I would be singing all of his songs, and I would always tell him ‘we’ll see.’ I am almost 47 years old. I am an old man in a young man’s body,” he joked.

The EP will feature such classic recordings as “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before,” “Hey,” “When I Need You,” “Abrázame,” and “Por El Amor De Una Mujer.” The musical effort is in partnership with Reviver Records and it is distributed is through The Orchard.

He realized that these timeless songs and this music is his calling in life. “I took some of my father’s old songs and sang them in my show. I would sing songs by my father, Julio Iglesias, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Rod Stewart and Frank Sinatra, even if it wasn’t the most fashionable thing to do. My dad has all these great songs, so many goodies,” he said.

“I love that style of music,” he said. “I love Michael Bublé and I love what he does. I think Michael is amazing. I really admire his career and how he performs, and that’s one of my goals,” he added.

Iglesias Jr. listed as Sheryl Crow as his dream female duet choice in the music business. “I love Sheryl’s vibe,” he said. “I got to meet her once and she is so great and I still admire her. I think a duet with Sheryl Crow is amazing.”

In 2008, Iglesias Jr. was the winner of the CMT reality singing competition, Gone Country. He is the older brother of global Latin pop star Enrique Iglesias. Iglesias Jr. expressed his excitement to someday tour the United States.

Digital age of music

On being an artist in the digital age, he said, “It’s interesting. I took up my first record, in 1997 with Sony Music and I traveled all over the world with that record. I did a two-year promotion for that project. Now, everything is digital and online.”

He noted that he enjoys vinyl and vintage things. From his father’s songs, he enjoys performing a live version of “Manuela” with his band. “It is so lively and super catchy,” he admitted.

Iglesias Jr. defined the word success as “when people stop you on the street” and “when people write you letters.” “That makes me feel good and happy. That’s success,” he said.

“To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” is available on Apple Music and on Spotify. The song earned a glowing review from Digital Journal. “We did an updated version and I put my own touch to it. I love performing that song live,” he said.

To learn more about singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias Jr. and his music, check out his official website and his Facebook page.


Photo Courtesy of Julio Iglesias Jr.