November is National Adoption Month. Please join Ms. Nia Vardalos and The Hellenic Initiative (THI) in supporting the SOS Babies Care Program this November, National Adoption Month.

In February of 2017 SOS Children’s Villages Greece launched the SOS Babies Care program, which was designed with a dual goal: to immediately remove abandoned newborn babies from the hospitals and provide them with specialized adequate care, and also to work on their rehabilitation in a family environment as soon as possible (foster care, adoption, support for their return to their biological families).

Before this program, newborn babies that were abandoned in public maternity hospitals (30 babies per year on average) stayed without care for 6 months to a year. These babies were kept in a ward that was severely insufficient and even dangerous for their health, close to sick older children. They did not receive any care and were not even exposed to natural light, causing significant problems in their development and health.

100% of donations raised will directly support the SOS Babies Care Program.

To donate for this cause please use the link below.