Kathy Kramedas McGuiness Running for Lt. Governor of Delaware

This past September, Kathy Kramedas McGuiness formally announced her bid for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Delaware.


“Delaware is changing, quickly,” said McGuiness. “Gone are the days when a few companies dominated the state’s economy. The time is now to have statewide officials who understand how to make government work. Who understand the needs of businesses in our state. Who understand that the Delaware of tomorrow is not going to be same as the Delaware of today.”


McGuiness, a lifelong Delawarean, plans to use her experience gained as a Rehoboth Beach Commissioner for 14 years, her experience as an entrepreneur owning a pharmacy and a retail store, along with her experience as the founding president of the national award winning non-profit Rehoboth Beach Main Street to work with the next Governor to create opportunities for Delaware.


“In local government, there is no place to hide. You have to be ready and willing to work to get results and make government work for the people you serve,” McGuiness adds.


At a December 3 fundraiser hosted by members of Delaware’s Greek American Community, more than 40 Greek-Americans came out to support her effort to become the first Greek-American to hold statewide office in Delaware. McGuiness, one of four sisters in her family, shared with supporters the Greek values her late father, John Kramedas, instilled in her. “In our house, we learned the value of getting an education and hard work. When you put those two together you can create your own opportunities for success.” The fundraiser host committee members were Demitri and Georgia Halakos, Michael and Liz Vassilikos, Gus and Maria Caras, Antonios Kypreos, Ted Hantzandreou, George Hantzandreou, Dr. Dean Lomis, Dr. George Moutsatsos and Sophia Pennias.


Kathy McGuiness, 48, lives in Rehoboth Beach with her husband Steve and their three teenage children.


Please go to www.votemcguiness.com to learn more about Kathy Kramedas McGuiness.