Letter to the Editor

April 2019

Mr. Paul Kotrotsios

Founder & President

Hermes Expo International Philadelphia, PA

Hermes EXPO, in Philadelphia for the first time this year, delivered on its promise to promote “trade, tourism, investment opportunities via Gastronomy” (and many other sectors). Attended by an excellent mix of Greek and American companies, Greek-American community leaders, and influential supporters of our bi-lateral trade like the Mayor of Philadelphia, this event is sure to grow.

The Expo was animated by the inimitable Paul Kotrotsios who has a talent for introducing everyone to the right people. The Arts Ballroom was set up by the organizers for mingling and conversation. Lunch was great and the speeches were informative. Phil Kafarakis, President of the Specialty Food Association, challenged the audience to learn about today’s informed, demanding, and digitally-savvy gastronomic customer and to adapt their plans to bring their products to market appropriately: “Build your community first!”

My Greek-speaking wife, a professional in the Food Service sector, was excited about the prospects for several cheese products. I found a number of “diamonds in the rough” being offered by Greek companies from the construction, tourism, and medical sectors. Our unhurried conversations about the Greek companies, products, and services and the realities of introducing products to the US market were indispensable to any future collaboration.

Now that the event is over, we have to work to build and maintain the relationships we started. I’m happy to know that we can continue to count on the support of the Organizers, Sponsors, and City and State representatives who made Philadelphia’s HERMES Expo 2019 such a valuable event.

Best Regards,

Robert Pianka Consultant PIAN Co.