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GreecePM Mitsotakis on weekly review: Restoring flood damage, maintaining the Olympic Stadium

PM Mitsotakis on weekly review: Restoring flood damage, maintaining the Olympic Stadium

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Hellenic News of America
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Measures to support flood-stricken areas in Greece, fight food price inflation, provide new flu vaccines for free, and restore safety at the OAKA stadium were some of the issues highlighted by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his weekly review posted on the social media on Sunday.

A selected review of actions that the premier mentioned are outlined below:

– The regions of Thessaly, Rodopi, and Evros in central and northeastern Greece will be allocated 686 million euros from the Recovery Fund for infrastructure, roads, bridges and the railroad as well as for antiflooding projects. European and Greek state funding will provide over 2.25 billion euros for the restoration of damage from the last two intense storms. So far, 36.7 million euros have been distributed to 6,648 affected people as an initial aid, while aid has also been provided by the private sector.

The Dutch HVA company that specializes in large-scale agricultural projects and water management has been tasked by the government to draft a restoration plan for the flooded basin of Thessaly, with the cost of the report paid by the private sector.

– Greece has one of the highest rates of deaths and handicaps in strokes. An early intervention step being set up is a network of 17 special units to manage strokes throughout Greece, in an effort to reduce deaths and chronic paralysis rates.

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– A total of 23,875 young people or couples (aged 25-39) out of 40,000 applications have been pre-approved for low-interest loans to buy homes under the “Spiti mou” (My home) program. A 60% of 9,378 people in the process of receiving loans are young couples, while 88% of them earn less than 24,000 euros annually. Most loan applicants are in the Regions of Attica and Central Macedonia, followed by those of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, Thessaly, and Western Greece.

– In the education sector, 7,300 special support staff for students (teachers, special assistants, and nurses) are in the process of being hired within the next two weeks, to be followed by another 2,700 early in November, bringing the total of special support staff to nearly 20,000 workers.

– Appointments for the new identification cards (replacing the blue police cards) have run out, with 60% of all appointments to November 30 being full. In Attica, Thessaloniki, and prefecture capitals, appointments are no longer available to the end of the year. Police will be adding more slots in the next two months, and nearly 50,000 in December alone. (Old IDs will no longer be accepted two years from now, as of 2026.)

Food prices

– Eurostat data shows a significant deescalation of inflation, but under a new law voted in Parliament, supermarkets with a turnover of over 90 million euros will be obliged to report to the government any raises their suppliers introduce, in order for the government to inspect the latter. In addition, all supermarkets will be obliged to list on the e-Katanalotis platform on a daily basis the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables, while suppliers will be obliged to justify price raises. Consumer will thus have access to fresh produce at affordable prices. Some products will provide a 5% drop in prices for 6 months, listed on the store shelf.

Speaking of subsidies to citizens, Mitsotakis expressed concern about keeping to fiscal restrictions. “We are careful with the management of every euro in order to have funding for social policy, such as the free flu vaccination of citizens,” he underlined.

– In terms of this year’s batch of flu vaccines, he asserted they will be provided to all free of charge – both conventional flu vaccines and the new, enhanced ones for older citizens. “All vaccines are available as of now with a (doctor’s) prescription. We expect to have conventional flu shots available at pharmacies without a prescription as of early November. For the new vaccines, one will still need a prescription, but the medical appointment to get the prescription in public facilities – your personal physician or at health centers – will be free of charge,” PM Mitsotakis clarified.


The premier also addressed in his weekly social media posting the issue of suspending all activities at the Olympic Stadium and the Velodrome at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA) after safety issues were pointed out in a report. The facility, with its unique architecture built for the 2004 Olympic Games, is the home ground for two Panathinaikos FC games for the Europa League (October 26, December 14). A second report has been ordered, for confirmation.

Mitsotakis said the report pointing out safety issue was a requirement for the Olympic Park’s makeover plans, co-signed with the sports ministyr. He added that it is the first time the static inspection was carried out since 2004, and 57 million euros of the Recovery Fund have been earmarked for its maintenance.

Wrapping up his post, the premier said that the popular peripheral park of Rhodes proper, the archaeological site of Filerimos, was turned over to the public after landscaping and restoration by the Ephorates of Antiquity of the Dodecanese. It was funded by NSRF resources (2014-2020) worth 1.35 million euros. It includes remains from ancient Greek times through the Byzantine era down to the 15th century, while it is situated at a hill with a dense 2.5 hectare forest.


The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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