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Sunday,October 26 at 5:00 PM CT Pangregorian of Connecticut Annual Dinner Dance.

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Dear friends:
This Sunday,October 26 at 5:00 PM at the Amber Room Colonnade, 1 Stacey Rd, Danbury, CT Pangregorian of Connecticut is having its Annual Dinner Dance.
Please make an effort to find time and go.
If you go for first time I can say that you will finish the evening feeling better. You will feel better not only from the good food and kali parea..
You will feel good because you will learn that this Greek Americans Restaurant Owners Association, without big headlines, is doing a great philanthropic, educational, cultural effort to assist communities, students and educational organizations.
I am invited the last twenty years to represent Paideia/UCONN Center at the Annual Pangregorian Dinner/Dance.
Every year depart from this celebration with greatest optimism and more proud for our Great Greek American Community in CT.
Every year I depart thinking what this organization could achieve more if all restaurant owners we know were becoming Pangregorian members.
This is because every year at this diner I see a number of College students from every corner of our state to receive $5,000 scholarships, funds to be contributed to Medical Facilities for treatment of kids coming from Greece, money to be given to fight Thalasaimia and more.
I remember that every year from early 90’s to the present time Paideia/UCONN projects receives encouragement, moral and monetary support for the completion first of the Chapel, then for the Educational Building and lately with the open air Greek theater.
More than $500,000 donated to Paideia/UCONN Center.

I feel the need to say that without Pangregorian of CT I am not sure where would be our presence today at our beautiful State University in Storrs.
All this great work by PanGregorian is not known to all our people. About a month ago, a very nice couple who has a son now at UCONN visited Paideia Center. After a twenty minutes tour at the center, the chapel and the theater and learning for the great and instrumental role of Pangregorian stated to me: “Ilia, we knew that Pangregorian provided help here but now we see how extensive”.
For those who care for Hellenic Letters and Culture in America please know that we need the coordinated support of organizations like Pangregorian now and will need more in the future.
Please support Pangregorian now!
Supporting Pangregorian you support directly our Community, our kids, Hellenism and a stronger America.
For reservations or how to become a member please contact Hrysoula at
Pan Gregorian of CT 203+-389-6115 or email [email protected]

Με μεγάλη εκτίμηση και σεβασμό στούς μέχρι τώρα προέδρους, Διοικητικά Συμβούλια και Αξιότιμα Μέλη του Πανγρηγόριαν,
Ηλίας Τομάζος
Ilias Tomazos, Director
PAIDEIA Study Abroad Programs in Greece
Center for Hellenic Studies PAIDEIA
Campus of the University of Connecticut
28 Dog Lane, P.O.BOX 818, Storrs, CT 06268
Tel/Fax: (860)429-8518; (860)906-8458 cell
In Greece: (22410)41115; 6947337501 cell
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]

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