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Ms. Supermodel USA-Petite 2014 Plans To Inspire Youth

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By Catherine Tsounis

Margaret Skourlis, a Greek-American, won the title of 2014 Ms. Supermodel USA-Petite in Fargo, North Dakota.Margaret Skourlis, a Greek-American, won the title of 2014 Ms. Supermodel USA-Petite in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday, September. 6, 2014.  Ms. Skourlis’ prior titles are the following:  Ms. New Jersey United States 2010; Ms. New Jersey United States 2009; Miss Kalamata 2003; Miss Kato Melpia 2002; and Miss Messinia 2001. Ms. Supermodel USA-Petite duties during the year will be the following:  a national queen making appearances; performing signings; participating in photo-shoots, and giving speeches to aid charities and inspire youth.  Ms. Skourlis holds a master’s degree in business administration and science.  Her passion for Hellenism shows when one speaks to her on a one-to-one basis.

Ms. Supermodel USA-Petite attributes her success to her parents. Their motto is “Never Give Up” and “Pursue Your Goals”. Ms. Skourlis is a company owner, model, published poet, published writer, and actress.  Her free time is spent scrap-booking, traveling, scuba diving, skiing, swimming, playing the piano, and Greek dancing.

Her passion for the Greek community is shown in the offices she held and currently holds. They include: Vice President of the Intercollegiate Hellenic Society; former President of the Maids of Athena, Flushing Chapter #126; participation in the 2011 AHIF Foreign Policy Program to Greece and Cyprus; completion twice of the D.I.A.S. International Academic Studies program in Crete and aiding and making appearances at Greek charities and organizations. Her life’s goal is to bring persons, worldwide, closer together.

March 24, 2014 in Pennsylvania and March 26, 2014 in NYC.  The members bring eyes to business and community. There is a coming together of both age groups to create a dynamic “synergy” in the words of Hermes Expo founder Paul Kotrotsios. The mentors are saluted for helping the youth and persons of all ages to acquire the patterns of success.

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“Hermes Young Professionals Initiative (HYPI) purpose is to provide young Greek Americans who are aspiring to meet the professional demands of the 21st century,” said Aphrodite Kotrotsios. “It is a forum to connect, interface, and learn. Seasoned Greek-American leaders from various fields including Business, Medicine, Law, and Government are mentors.”

“In order for this paramount effort to rise to the next level and reach even more young professionals, we need to combine efforts and work together to move forward,” Ms. Kotrotsios believes. “We are the next generation. It is up to us to keep the flame alive; we will pass on the torch to the next generations. It is our duty to promote our Hellenic heritage. HYPI serves as a networking and educational platform for our youth and young professional. This year we are honored to have Ms. Margaret Skourlis with us. We are very excited to have her as part of the HYPI mission.” To learn more about the Hermes Expo International, please visit their official website

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