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Andreas C Chrysafis


The Turkish Cypriot administration has decided to play a new oppressive political game with total disregard of human rights – this time they directed their attention on the non-Muslim enclaved Cypriot minorities in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus! They are now behaving in a similar manner and ways to Turkey’s appalling record on human rights – cruel and inexcusable!


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For the first time ever – after 43 years – they have refused to allow the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICIP) to deliver food aid to enclaved Greek Cypriots and Maronites refugees – not even milk for school children!


The TC regime chose to breach all international humanitarian laws as adopted in Article 61 of the Forth Geneva Convention of 1947. It decided to disregard that law without a hint of humanity whatsoever.


Why such a heartless and callous decision? It’s simple – this is Turkey’s way to consolidate its absolute control over Cyprus. They have been systematically and timely executing Plan B and C for years in an attempt to erase all remaining remnants of Hellenic and Christian influence there for the ultimate Islamization of the island!


Ankara’s latest racist ethnic cleansing instructions to the TC regime, is not something new but is part of its genetic and historical make-up. They have done it on numerous times before! One can never forget the genocide and slaughter of the Armenian and Asian Greeks where millions perished under Ottoman brutality.


One cannot forget Ankara’s recent viciousness committed against thousands of its own Turkish citizens, innocent journalists, academics and many others that are locked up in dungeons because they spoke against Erdogan’s dictatorship.


Erdogan’s ethnic cleansing and the abolition of secularism is one way for Ankara to impose its dictatorial and theocratic Sunni Islamic rule on the island. Cyprus has now become a target and a victim to Erdogan’s distorted views of democracy and humanity. Only tyrants can come up with such policies using food deprivation as a weapon and punishment against the elderly population and a fragile sector of an ethnic community.


From now on Ankara demands that the Government of Cyprus pays a weekly tribute at the crossings before allowing the UN to deliver provisions to the refugees. The Cyprus government on the other hand refuses to be blackmailed and reward Turkey’s occupation. Meanwhile, the refugees remain trapped victims of this new political charade. Mr. Akinci and his regime should be ashamed for resorting to such low and disgraceful practices at a time when they are supposedly “seeking a reunification solution” to the Cyprus problem.


This unwelcome development should serve as a bitter warning to the Cyprus government, which has failed to anticipate Turkey’s real intentions and done nothing about it. Instead, it chose a pacifying concessional and compromising policy, which the result of such a policy has now become apparent. This bad strategy has allowed Turkey’s poisonous fangs to grow bigger instead of yanking them out!


It would not be surprising to hear soon another declaration annexing the occupied area of Cyprus as a new province of Turkey – just like the declaration of the TRNC, which also caught the Greeks napping at the time! Ankara has already installed water pipelines and electrical cables form the mainland to service its new conquest.


When that materializes, it would be impossible to avert and protect the Republic from Ankara’s annexation plans. Remember Constantinople? Greek politicians and the Cyprus government should all be ashamed for allowing this new development to take root under their very noses!


As things stand, this charade has to come to an end because it cannot be allowed to continue and devour the Republic bit by bit. Cyprus should shut all the crossings throughout the Dead Zone; revoke all EU passports to Turkish Cypriots living in the occupied area; take radical steps and stop all EU structural Funds going to the occupied area; apply strong sanctions against Ankara and its TC puppet regime, but most importantly, make it abundantly clear to Turkey and Turkish Cypriots that under their current mentality, none would ever be able join the European Union unless Cyprus says so – it should certainly veto Turkey’s entry!


Once the TCs recognize they can no longer have free movement to enjoy what the Republic and the EU has to offer they may well come to their senses and seriously reconsider their options: either be a part of an oppressive Islamic theocratic and illegal state in isolation, or choose to be a part of the European Union and EU-Cyprus, which both offer freedom of movement and opportunities protected by Rule of Law.


Meanwhile dark clouds are looming over the land of Aphrodite of love, now in tears for what mindless people have done to her beautiful island…


Andreas C Chrysafis

October 10, 2017






The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.


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