Dear Friends and Colleagues –

Welcome back and we hope you and your families had a wonderful , restful, glorious and prosperous time during the summer months !!

Join us on Thursday, September 26 at the 3 West Club (3 West 51 St.) at 6 P.M. for EMBCA’s event entitled “Burnt Offerings and Whispering Voices: The Smyrna Catastrophe (September, 1922), a Historical Remembrance.” The Smyrna Catastrophe  (in the Hellenic – Καταστροφή της Σμύρνης) refers to the deliberately set fire four days after Turkish forces entered and captured the port city of cosmopolitan Smyrna in Asia Minor and which completely destroyed its Hellenic and Armenian quarters. The estimated Hellenic, Armenian, and other deaths resulting from the fire range up to 100,000 and approximately up to 400,000 Hellenic and Armenian refugees in the city from other parts of Asia Minor to escape the Turkish Troops and irregulars cramming its waterfront and quays to escape from the horrific flames.

EMBCA’s “Burnt Offerings and Whispering Voices: The Smyrna Catastrophe, a Historical Remembrance” will include presentations by EMBCA’s President Lou Katsos, Peter Stavrianidis, PHD Educator/Community Leader in Hellenic Genocide Issues, and  Professor Ismini Lamb the Director of The Modern Greek Program in the Department of Classics at Georgetown University. We hope you can join us.


  • Sept. 26 – Burnt Offerings and Whispering Voices: The Smyrna Catastrophe (September, 1922), a Historical Remembrance. – 3 West Club
  • Oct. 24 – The State of NYC Development, Design & Construction – 2019 Fall Panel Discussion- The Russian Tea Room
  • Oct. 28 – OXI Day (October, 28, 1940): The Turning Point of WW2, on the 80th Anniversary of the start of the war – 3 West Club
  • Nov. 21 – The Evolution of the Pharma and Biotech Industry in the 21st Century- 3 West Club
  • Dec. 12 – The Life, Times, and Works of John Cassavetes, on the 90th year of his birth and the 30th year of his passing – 3 West Club 
  • Dec. 15 – John Cassavetes Film Presentation- Museum of the Moving Image
  • Feb. 27 – 4th Annual Hellenic Shipping Industry Panel Discussion- 3 West Club
  • March 5 – Alternative Sustainable Energy and its Geopolitics in the East Mediterranean Panel Discussion – 3 West Club
  • March 26 – Hellenes and Philhellenes in the Revolution of 1821- 3 West Club
  • April 23 – The State of NYC Development, Design & Construction -2020 Spring Panel Discussion- Russian Tea Room
  • May 28 – 4th Annual Hellenic Rembetika/ Harlem Blues Concert – St. Peter’s Church

Best regards- EMBCA

Lou Katsos
Marina A. Belessis Casoria
Stamatis Ghikas
Konstantinos Drougos
Constantine Sirigos
Richard S. Khuzami