Dr. Zaller’s timely and of correct assessment articulate article: “Greece and Isreal: Two States at the Tipping Point

Dear Editor:

Dr. Zaller’s timely and of correct assessment articulate article: “Greece and Isreal: Two States at the Tipping Point” (HNA May 2015), must be read not only by the Greek American Community, and the Israeli American, but even more importantly by our congressional representatives and senators in Washington, to comprehend — not just understand — the real situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the Middle East, and realize the many and immense errors of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her successor John Kerry.
No, I am not writing as a Republican, nor as a Democrat, but as a frustrated “American” who sees the errors of our naive foreign policy makers with lack of international experience.
Dr, Zaller’s assessment of the Greek tragedy — or travesty, due to German-imposed austerity measures — does bring to reality his advocacy that “Under German domination, the EU has become a Fourth Reich…in economic terms,” a detail that both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have missed as secretaries of state.
Just as important — and due to the Middle East carnage perhaps more important — is Dr. Zaller’s very significant and obvious assessment that “A de facto alliance [of Israel] with Saudi Arabia and Egypt (with which it already cooperates) could have ancillary benefits on the Palestinian questions.” The security dangers of Israel are aligned with those of Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, including Iraq, all viz-a-viz Iran and ISIS. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s, and now John Kerry’s, negligence due to their lack of international understanding, have brought the region to the tip of destruction with wider consequences, and yet cannot realize that due to their collective dangers now is the time to bring these countries together for their common good and, consequently, finally to mutual understanding and cooperation.
I only hope that the region somehow does not fall apart until a new Administration comes to govern, but with the appointment of an internationally-oriented and experienced Secretary of State, rather than a naive political appointee for political payback reasons.
Dean C. Lomis, PhD.
Newark, Delaware