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GreeceCultureProving the Insanity of Atheism By Facts Physics has no foreknowledge, which...

Proving the Insanity of Atheism By Facts Physics has no foreknowledge, which is a fact.

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So physics could have never known in advance that man’s body could produce knowledge.

By knowledge we take the proper food to eat which then by our organs becomes blood, and obviously we need this to live because life is in the blood. Even if you eat or if the food becomes blood you are still dead. So what happened to evolution? Who knew in advance that after food becomes blood you need veins all over your body, so the blood can flow throughout your body and also that you need a pump to keep circulating the blood? Is this a proven technology or a myth of physics? And also who knew the heart has to keep pumping constantly otherwise you are dead? Do you put the food into your mouth or evolution does? You do. If you eat food you grow, but if you do not then you do not grow. What do you see here, that food makes you grow or that evolution makes you grow?

So physics puts the food into your mouth or your knowledge puts the food in your mouth? For food to become blood, you must have different organs working to form it. Every organ has a special workmanship in order to complete the foreknowledge of the personality, but again, not by physics because physics has no foreknowledge. The atheists claim it is by physics, however. So the atheists do not understand wisdom.

We eat food, it becomes blood, and life is in the blood. This life is physical life or spiritual life? Here we have two different kinds of evidence. One is blood comes through technology, which is foreknowledge and physics put together, but the food is by physics only. Here we have another proof, even though there is life in the blood, the blood itself cannot become a personality. We need something else and that something must produce knowledge. I ask all the atheists worldwide, does physics understand that? So here we are talking about a perfect personality by foreknowledge, and this personality cannot come by the blood only, despite life being in the blood. This personality arrives by the brain, but the brain needs the blood in order to work. Now here we have a super technology with a perfect personality from another personality who understands all of these facts. Therefore, now we have the fact that life is in the blood, but without knowledge the life in the blood is useless. So now we go to the brain, a superior wisdom, which only God has, nobody else. We know that God appeared to mankind many times since the beginning of the creation.

We have witnesses, the historic documents, archaeological evidence, and above all we have His wisdom. His wisdom is above life. His wisdom proves the perfection of knowledge and life.

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Through the perfection of knowledge we have safety in life, and without this, we kill each other. Don’t you see it? So you do not see God created us? How about the perfection of knowledge, you do not see that either? Jesus came from heaven, and He proved it because we have the documents. Have you ever checked them? If you do not check, then you do not know about the wisdom of God. So why do you go against something you know nothing about, why don’t you check them? What happened to your knowledge? It will take you to the grave. Can you walk out of the grave? Jesus did it. He is the Only One, and He proved it. Millions upon millions of people keep seeing Him and talking to Him, even after 2,000 years. He proved there is life after death. Maybe there is no blood in the Spirit, and if so, then Jesus proved in life without blood. Can any atheist come close to that???!!!

When the Holy Spirit came upon His Apostles, He came in a different form by speaking languages of the world. Don’t tell me that was evolution too! Thus, the day of Pentecost is historic evidence of that. Witnesses 100%, evidence 100%, history 100%…who can say no? You must be governed in your brain by heavy-duty insanity for sure! So we have 120 witnesses plus another 3,000 that came after they heard the news, and you deny all that? I have hundreds of more proofs, but no room to put all of them, that God exists. He proved perfect and everlasting life that is free. If you accept it, everlasting life is free by repenting and obeying Jesus, but if you reject it you have nothing.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.


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