October 18, 2019

AHEPA Global Headquarters, Washington, DC 

Supreme President of the Order of AHEPA, George G. Horiates, representing the largest and oldest grassroots community service organization, has been working relentlessly with AHEPA members and staffers this past week, due to the egregious violations of Human Rights and International law by the Government of Turkey. These continued unprecedented actions have caused tremendous concern for our allies in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Much like historical dictators, Erdogan has begun the systematic slaughter of another oppressed group of people. He has invaded Syria, and in violation of all international treaties ignored the sovereignty of another nation and is committing yet another Turkish-led Genocide. 

AHEPA stands against this injustice. Our Supreme President has been exhaustive in reawakening the West on Turkey, which has shown yet again it has never been capable of maintaining a Western orientation. Although it never was, Turkey can no longer can be considered an ally. 

  • AHEPA has been in communication with the Congressional Hellenic Caucus to ensure the community’s concerns about Turkey’s invasion of northeast Syria, and implications to the Eastern Mediterranean, are addressed. 
  • AHEPA is finalizing an Action Alert for community members to take action, including voicing support for several bills that sanction Turkey. 
  • AHEPA sent a letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee requesting a hearing to examine how Turkey challenges United States’ interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East without regard for consequence. AHEPA is working with congressional allies to ensure our concerns are asked of hearing witnesses. 
  • AHEPA sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, again, stating the community’s concerns and reiterating AHEPA’s call for sanctions on Turkey to protect U.S. interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. 
  • AHEPA is co-joining with other organizations, including the Armenian National Committee of America, to protest the November 13 Trump-Erdogan meeting. 
  • AHEPA issued a statement expressing outrage as the West continues to turn a blind eye to Turkey. 
  • AHEPA is asking President Trump to reverse his invitation to Mr. Erdogan for the upcoming visit the Washington, DC, in light of all the violations Turkey continues to uphold. 
  • Supreme President Horiates will be in Washington again next week to visit with lawmakers. 
  • AHEPA has made its feelings known to the European Union and will be meeting with key individuals in the coming weeks in Brussels to discuss options. 
  • AHEPA believes that the constant violations of the sovereignty of Greece and Cyprus are all part of a larger program of Turkey to expand their reach, and conquer areas NOT within its borders. Turkey must be made to immediately remove their drilling ships off the coast of Cyprus and also immediately stop the daily air and sea incursions over Greece and Cyprus. 

Supreme President Horiates has asked all of our members and chapters to prepare for any additional action which will be forthcoming in the coming days and weeks. AHEPA, since 1922 has been at the forefront of Defending Hellenism

AHEPA provides vision and direction for a generation of Hellenes, for these reasons and others, AHEPA needs you! Help our membership grow, help us make a difference! There is strength in our numbers, be part of history; don’t let this opportunity for your involvement to slip by, get members to join us, now, and help us in our fight. 


Basil N. Mossaidis Executive Director