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By Andreas C Chrysafis

November, 2014 (No 64) ©

Many times people have questioned me for advocating a mythical revolution. The reality of the matter remains that nothing changes unless people speak out and I am therefore pleased to see that finally a “Revolution of the Mind” is slowly taking root! It’s happening and changing Cyprus for the better. Things are now moving fast and in the right direction.

Even the president admitted this week that the scale of corruption in Cyprus is bigger than expected (as if he did not know this before) and ordered the auditor-general to apply zero-tolerance without compromise when investigating corruption. The newly appointed auditor, Mr Odysseas Michailides (he has my respect) is doing a wonderful job and one wonders why previous auditors did not attempt to stamp out this virus of corruption that destroys nations as it did to Cyprus.

As an independent non-politically linked authority, the auditor-general’s office could have investigated and cleaned out the stables years ago but institutional complacency and political influence produced the opposite results; corruption, nepotism and a black market economy to the detriment of society and the country in general.

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Big names such as Mr Vergas the Mayor of Paphos, mega-developers, prominent names and pillars of society including others, are now being apprehended by the police and are sent to courts to face justice. That alone is a truly a miracle for Cyprus. Applying the long arm of the law against white-collar criminal activities is well overdue. It certainly rekindles confidence and provides reassurance in society; a reassurance that signifies the Rule of Law is supreme and above the Rule of Man!

The current miracle however did not just appear out of the sky. It was due to people’s determination to speak-out with a free mind against injustice and corruption. The robberies of their bank accounts by the government last March without their consent jogged them into action. After so many years in hibernation and complacency the nation has finally woken up and decided to do the right thing; to stand up and be counted! And they did!

In abhorrence hundreds of disgruntled citizens begun speaking openly in public forums; television programs, the media, social networking and other mass-media sources to ensure their voice was heard in opposition to bad political and unfair social developments on the island. This certainly indicates political maturity of a silent majority exercising their democratic rights.

Most importantly, they displayed that they no longer trusted the political elite, the authorities and political parties in Cyprus. That’s what a Revolution of the Mind is all about – to demand justice and radical transformation of a flawed system and change it for the better!

People’s outspokenness did precisely that and much more. In fact, this is just the beginning. The general public are the true heroes of the day; for they are the ones that motivated and influenced those wonderful changes that are now taking place across the land. Criminals in high places and petty-politicians no longer have a place to hide and are now being prosecuted and sent to prison.

The next task (and the most difficult one of all) is for the courageous auditor-general to investigate the existing political parties and let the law take its course without privileged favouritism or political immunity for those found who flout the law of the land.


Only then will Cyprus leap forward on the basis of meritocracy and not on the ungodly politicocracy that has ruled the island for so long. Catharsis is well overdue on this beautiful island that could easily become the new Switzerland of the Med.


When that happens it will be a true miracle indeed!


Andreas C Chrysafis

Author – Writer – Artist





The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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