Prosperity is on the rise in Greece and Greek companies are once again looking for new opportunities in the United States.  This year, 16 companies from Greece will participate in the Hermes Expo International.  The companies will show off Greek foods and wines, tourism opportunities and other products and services from Greece to American consumers and potential business associates.  

“This year, we are happy to announce the participation of over 16 businesses from Greece looking for opportunities in America,” says Expo founder Paul Kotrotsios. The Expo theme, “Trade, Tourism and Investment Opportunities Through Gastronomy” honors the 16 businesses that will be exhibiting from Greece, in addition to American and Greek-American businesses exhibiting.

The Expo is a premier destination for businesses looking to network and find new markets in the United States and abroad. This year’s 28th Expo will take place Monday, April 8, in Washington; Wednesday, April 10, in Philadelphia and Thursday, April 11, in New York.

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