Dear friends
Dear fellow Greeks

This month, I submitted my credentials to President Trump assuming the post of Ambassador of Greece to the U.S. I know the country; I know the burden of responsibility. Today, Greek-American relations are at their best. The aim, however, is to make this relation even closer, to strengthen our multidimensional cooperation for the benefit of our two nations, to serve our common interests.

The common principles and values upon which our bilateral relationship has been built over the years are even more timely and important today. Ancient Greece inspired America’s Founding Fathers and the American Revolution gave wings to enslaved Greeks to begin their struggle for liberation from the Ottoman rule. Since then, our two countries have continuously been side by side in the struggle for freedom, democracy, prosperity and progress.

Greece is located in a geographically sensitive region, at the crossroads between East and West, on the borders of the European and Atlantic Alliance. The broader region of the Eastern Mediterranean, unfortunately, is once again tested by growing instability and aggressive behaviors that threaten cooperation and friendly neighborly relations as well as the safety and prosperity of its people. The strategic partnership between Greece and the U.S. combined with our close defense cooperation precisely enhance security, stability, cooperation, and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Balkans and beyond.

Finally, I would like to extend a warm greeting to the Greek compatriots who live and prosper in the USA. You are the strongest bond between Greece and the U.S. You are the bridge that guarantees the close cooperation, mutual understanding and common path of our two countries. We want to enhance our cooperation with you, to hear your problems and to help strengthen your bonds with motherland. We are here for you.

Alexandra Papadopoulou
Ambassador of Greece to the USA

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(Official White House Photo above by Joyce N. Boghosian)