By Catherine Tsounis, contributing editor

Hermes Expo, a leading B2B trade show and exhibition networking series, returns in 2020 for its 29th year. Hermes Expo builds brand awareness, generates sales leads and strengthens important relationships. Furthermore, assists people and companies to enter the US Marketplace and grow. The Trade Show will be held in the following cities this year:

April 2, 2020, Chicago, the Chateau Ritz; April 6, 2020, Washington, DC, Capital Hilton; April 8, 2020, Philadelphia, Arts Ballroom and April 9th, New York City, 3 West Club & Hotel, “Taste of Hellas”. Four cities in one week will bridge businesses in North America and Europe. A unique Trade Route to Success in 2020.

Steve Kontos of Kontos Foods at the 28th Hermes Expo in Philadelphia with Paul Kotrotsios and Nikos Avramoulis.

 “The evolution of the Hermes Expo to a boutique expo is currently revolutionizing networking opportunities of Greeks, Greek-Americans, and Philhellenes,” said Paul Kotrotsios Founder and President of Hermes Expo. “The active participation at this leading B2B trade show brings together and connects businesses, business owners, professionals, and attendees from North America and Europe. This year’s focus will be on Trade, Tourism, Investment Opportunities, Gastronomy, and how to enter the US Marketplace effectively. It is the best business networking event for 29 years.”

Dimitri Boosalis, Despina Panagoulias and Kalomira Boosalis at the 28th Hermes Expo in Washington, DC.

Founder and president of Hermes Expo, Mr. Paul Kotrotsios reflects that “For the past 29 years, the Expo’s purpose and reason for being has been to connect people and businesses.  That is why we take care to create an atmosphere and environment that makes it easy to network, explore partnerships and discover new opportunities.  Helping others form business alliances and partnerships in today’s unpredictable and uncertain economic environment is of paramount necessity.  Over the years, we are pleased to be able to point to many examples where, through the Hermes Expo, long-lasting and profitable business relationships began. We continue to look for ways to enable, facilitate and explore new ways and possibilities to promote Greek products and services in the United States.”

Andreas Koutsoudakis, Congressional Candidate Nicole Malliotakis, Paul Kotrotsios with Michael Iakovou at the 28th Hermes Expo in New York.

President Kotrotsios also explained “This year, our focus will be on Trade, Tourism, Investment Opportunities, and Gastronomy in honor of the businesses that will be exhibiting from Greece in addition to the American and Greek-American businesses that will be exhibiting. Aside from the booth exhibits, Hermes Expo will organize an educational panel discussion on “How to do business in the US marketplace effectively” presented by seasoned professionals in each city. On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, in Philadelphia, Hermes Expo will host its annual awards dinner. It will honor exceptional individuals and organizations who have excelled themselves in their field of work and have inspired the lives of others through their contributions. The 29th Hermes Expo Awards Dinner will take place at Estia Restaurant in Philadelphia, from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.”

L-R: Phil Kafarakis, Stelios Logothetis, Andreas Kelemidis, Paul Kotrotsios and Dr. Sotirios Prapas at the 28th Hermes Expo in Philadelphia.

An important success of the Hermes Expo was the connection of the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Thessaloniki, Greece. An open channel of trade exists between the two ports. The mayors of each city signed a business and cultural trade pact in 2000. One fact remains: Paul Kotrotsios is the catalyst for opening trade relations between these ports. He is a phenomenon. All his life he has been bringing persons together. He is exceptional. Paul Kotrotsios is a one-man show whose efforts are unique. Twenty professionals are unable to do what he does.

Sirob Imports represented at the 28th Hermes Expo.

His work is carried on by the next generation, Aphrodite Kotrotsios, Publisher of the Hellenic News of America and Founder of Hermes Young Professionals Initiative.  She explained “Prosperity is on the rise in Greece. Greek companies are once again looking for new opportunities in the United States. Many companies from Greece are participating in Hermes Expo 2020. The Expo is a premier destination for businesses looking to network and find new markets in the United States and abroad”.

The younger generation well represented at the 28th Hermes Expo.

Founder/President’s philosophy is that “Hermes Expo strongly believes it’s not about who you know, but how well they know you. Hermes Expo is an asset to our strategic partners and provides a forum that links businesses and professional communities in the USA and Europe.”

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