Dear Editor:

The current Hellenic News of America issue (November 2019) is a gem of information, and perhaps most significant New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s presentation on the Senate Floor, “announcing new efforts to hold Turkey accountable for Human Rights Abuses in Syria,” with full acknowledgment of Turkey’s internationally-illegal behavior on Cyprus, and just as equally internationally-illegal harassment and endangerment of Greek territorial integrity.

It is refreshing that Senator Menendez, who throughout the years has been a devout supporter for Cypriot justice against the Terrible Turks, reminds our nation that the First Crime of the Twentieth Century was perpetrated by the Turks in their Armenian Genocide, continues unabated through Cyprus forty-five years ago, and now against America’s only allies in the fight against ISIS in Syria, the Kurds.

The American Hellenic Community of the tri-state area, and particularly of his New Jersey constituency, must congratulate Senator Menendez for his valiant and righteous stand, and thank him for his continuous pledge for the rule of law and human rights support, by telephoning his office and express their gratitude at 1-202-224-4744.


Dean C. Lomis, Ph.D.

Newark, Delaware