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Little Greeks singing Trigona Kalanta from every corner of the world

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially this year, even more so than before, Christmas is a time to remember the importance of family, community, and unity among people. And there seems to be an online community of little Greeks, an online family of Greeks as they describe it that wanted to promote a message of unity, hope, and spread holiday cheer around the world. They are the young students of the worldwide online Greek School, Greek Lessons OnLine, who prepared a Christmas surprise for all of you.   

                               100 Ellinopoula spreading hope in Greek

Around 100 young Greek LOL students from London to Adelaide, from the Netherlands to San Jose, and from Switzerland to Vancouver united their loud and proud Greek voices to send a message of hope and unity to the whole world. They learned the lyrics, they put on their Christmas outfits, they sat in the most festive corner of their homes and they recorded themselves singing Trigona Kalanta for the whole world to hear.

               A big Greek online family that learns to love Greek together

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For the educators and students of the worldwide online Greek School, learning Greek is not a chore but an experience. A learning experience that first and foremost means to teach children to love Greek. It is an online family and families celebrate Christmas together even when they have to be apart. “Our students put smiles on our faces every day. This challenging year, however, these difficult days we all have to go through, they decided to do something to put a smile on everybody’s face and to show how strong Hellenism is around the world,” states Mrs. Stella Bompotsiari-Vri, founder and director of studies of the online Greek School that counts more than 1000 active students.

                        The youngest and greatest ambassadors of Hellenism

Watch the video that these little but great Greeks made as a gift to all of you. Listen to their generous, warm, and full of hope voices uniting all Greek neighborhoods of the world. Listen to them sing Trigona Kalanta in Greek and remember the importance of seeing the Christmas magic even when it seems hard to find. 

Merry Christmas from all of these little Greeks who are the true future of Hellenism. Enjoy! 




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