On December 8, 2019, Queens artists Matina Botoulas and Marianthi Raptis participated in a historic event on the life of EL Greco held Sunday evening in the Cretans Association Omonoia Center at 3233 31 st. Astoria, NY. The artists on display were Marianthi Raptis and Matina Botoulas who have both had numerous exhibitions in New York City.

“We want Greek art and culture transmitted to the next generation,” said Ms. Raptis. “I worked for 30 years as a textile designer and colorist for home furnishings and wallpapers in NYC. I find great pleasure in expressing myself in art, painting different subjects. Landscapes, portraits, flower painting are my enjoyment at this time of my life.”

“I am entering a road I never dreamed,” said Mrs. Botoulas of Flushing. “My daughters inspired me with a gift of artist supplies. I began expressing in art my impressions of my surroundings. I loved drawing from a young girl in Angelona, Laconia, Greece. I married my husband, Nick Botoulas of Tripolis, Greece. We immigrated to the U.S., raised our daughters Marilena and Georgia, while pursuing careers. At sixty-five, I began a career as an artist. I am inspired by my environment.”

Manolis Kouroupakis, Program director, said “The Cretan Societies of the Federation are honored to have this event to celebrate Greek painter, sculptor Domenikos Theotokopoulos “El Greco” the Greek who was from our island of Crete. For more information, contact Mr. Kou7roupakis of Facebook.

Photo 1– Mrs. Matina Botoulas art

Photo 2- Mrs. Matina Botoulas (Left to right) Mr. Manolis Kouroupakis and Mrs. Marianthi Raptis

Photo 3- Mrs. Marianthi Raptis artwork