(ATHENS, GREECE, March 11) The Hellenic Initiative (THI) empowered the humanitarian work of the NGO “Ark ofthe World- Kivotos tou Kosmou” with a $20,000 donation. Through this grant THI supports Ark’s social program “Home for mothers and children,” which is designed to offer protection to mothers and children living in destitution without a safe home. One of the goals of Father Antonios, Kivotos’ founder, was to avoid institutionalization of the mothers and children, and to find a way to help them get their life back. For this reason, he established the social program “Home for mothers and children.”

This program offers mothers the opportunity to stay with their children in independent apartments provided by the Ark of the World for as long as it’s necessary. This way, homeless single-parent families find shelter in fully equipped Ark apartments, or alternatively, receive monthly financial aid, helping them with everyday expenses. Kivotos is currently distributing 150 monthly allowances, ranging from €100 to €350 with the ultimate motive of helping mothers get back on their feet and find a job that will help them take their lives in their own hands.

THI’s grant covered the cost of 120 monthly allowances offered by Ark of the World. Ark of the World, a Non-Profit Organization, was founded in 1998 armed with nothing but love. It provides care for mothers and their children, most of which are homeless, abandoned, and without food, shelter or medical care. In its 21 years’ course, the Ark has taken effective actions and introduced innovative measures to help people in need, though initiatives such as a soup kitchen and seven youth shelters across Greece – in Athens, Piraeus, Anixi, Pogoniani and Konitsa in Epirus, Chios, and Volos.

Nikos Stathopoulos, THI Board member said: “Ark of the World is just one example of the organizations identified by THI and led by remarkable men and women, talented people dedicated to helping their fellow human beings in need. THI’s donations aim to make the greatest impact and do the most good in Greece.”

Michael Printzos, THI’s Program Director, stated: “We are very pleased to stand by the efforts and the exemplary work of Ark of the World. All mothers have the indisputable right tο bring up their children with dignity and safety and all children must grow up in an environment full of warmth and love. Father Antonios strives with all of his power towards this goal and through this donation we want to show our commitment and support to Kivotos tou Kosmou.”

Father Antonios Papanikolaou, Founder of the Ark of the World stated: “From the bottom of our heart, we warmly thank The Hellenic Initiative for its support. This offer is of particular importance to us because it derives from fellow Greeks living and prospering far away from our homeland, but still carrying it in their hearts. Saint Paisios the Athonite used to say that “When you take, your hands are full, and when you offer, your heart is full.” We wholeheartedly wish THI and its members health, divine inspiration, and love to continue their good work in supporting fellow humans in danger and in need.”