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Essentials of Aigio: antiquities, wine and cuisine

Aigio, and its surrounding provincial region of Aigialeia, have been prominent in Greek recorded history since the 3rd millennium BC. Its wines were publicly praised as early as the 2nd century AD. Its cuisine, well, I’m writing about Greece – no further praise is necessary. Traveling throughout Greece for six years makes it difficult to state that any region is more important than another. Yet this is the legendary Peloponnese. Mythology holds that the gods were born in the surrounding mountains before relocating north to Mount Olympus. From the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD Olympia, less...

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Legendary Central Macedonia’s Serres and Kilkis

When cities can trace their heritage for 4,000 years, and they’re located in fabled Macedonia – land of Alexander the Great, Aristotle and Mount Olympus – “legendary” is not an inflated superlative. Twenty-first century Macedonia has rapidly become an international tourist destination. From the beaches of Halkidiki, the thriving city of Thessaloniki, the ancient ruins of Philippi to the unique Autonomous State of Mount Athos, Macedonia offers everything Greek in its northern location. Macedonia is the largest geographical region in Northern Greece. The scenic region is blessed with natural beauty. Mountains cover the largest part, and it has many...

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Tinos Island and its traditional food abundance

Tinos Island shimmers in the bright October sunlight as the Golden Blue Star Ferry approaches the port of Tinos Town. The marble and granite island’s massive crown, The Rock, dominates the skyline. A few people told me earlier that half a day was enough to appreciate Tinos. I’m not sure what they meant by “appreciate.” After four days I felt I’d barely skimmed the surface of the cultural and gastronomic delights of this northern Greek Cyclades Island. My guide, Adriana Flores Bórquez, had planned an ambitious itinerary that could easily have stretched over a week, but we did manage...

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The shifting beauty of autumn on Andros Island

Autumn brings a shifting palate of light: silver and grays to Andros Island, the northern most of the Cyclades Archipelago, different from the bright hues of summer sun, but for me no less beautiful. A view like Batsi always makes the life of a travel writer extra special. A sweeping panorama of everyone’s fantasy of a Cyclades Island is reality from the extensive terrace of my suite at the Mare Vista Hotel. On Andros Island it’s easy to be distracted by vistas at every turn. With my first glimpse of the glittering harbor of Batsi it was obvious I’d...

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Travel ancient paths in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Xanthi, Drama, Kavala, Philippi: the names themselves are exotic and rightfully so. At the epicenter of three worlds – Asia, the Balkans and the Mediterranean – these cities of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace created and witnessed a flow of human events few regions ever experienced. Only one, Philippi, succumbed to the forces of nature, more than men, yet even that great ruined city lives on in the footsteps of St. Paul. The lush mountainous terrain of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace make driving difficult. It’s not the well-maintained roads; it’s the distractions. I wanted to constantly pull the car over,...

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