Albany Sons of Pericles, honors AHEPAN, Chris Pappis 

Back row (L to R): AHEPA District 6 Treasurer Ted Malgarinos, District Governor Ted Stamas, AHEPA Supreme Secretary Jimmy Kokotas, Past District Governor Mike Papaphotes, and Past District Governor John Polydouris. Front row (L to R): AHEPA Hermes Chapter 186 President George Zouvelos, AHEPA Delphi Chapter 25 President Argyris Argitakos, AHEPA District 6 Secretary Chris Pappis, Albany AHEPA Chapter 140 President George Pappis, and AHEPA District 6 Director of Membership James Zafiros


[Albany, NY] — On Sunday, April 29, the Albany Sons of Pericles, AHEPANS from New York State and an exceptionally large representation from the community, gathered in the church social hall of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Albany, New York for a testimonial luncheon in honor of Chris Pappis, a fourth generation member of the Albany AHEPA Family.

Every year the Sons of Pericles recognize someone in the community for their exceptional performance. The person chosen is a selfless, caring individual who is appreciated and admired by his peers. Chris Pappis embodies all of these qualities, and makes the honor even more meaningful, not only for Chris, but for the Sons and for all young Americans. In addition, Chris Pappis, has a unique vision about where technology can take Hellenism in the 21st Century and displays his impressive talents as a generous, compassionate human being.

Three AHEPA key note speakers, James Zafiros, Director of Membership, Ted Stamas, District Governor and Jimmy Kokotas, Supreme Secretary, inspired the event with very moving tributes of the honoree. James Zafiros, congratulated Brother Pappis for his unwavering contributions to AHEPA, his community, and to the much broader segments of society. District Governor, Ted Stamas, spoke about working with Chris Pappis, supporting AHEPA Chapters to promote and market the AHEPA brand, helping them expand the districts visibility. Supreme Secretary, Jimmy Kokotas, presented a plaque to Chris and talked about his contribution to Hellenism. Collectively, this three-tier, key note tribute inspired a community and lifted the event. The Master of Ceremonies of the event was Michael Ziamandanis, Albany Sons of Pericles President.

The infectious Philanthropic spirit reminded all who attended this beautiful, well-earned tribute, that no matter your craft or passion, our most noble calling as human beings, is to selflessly foster hope in and chase despair from the lives of others. Chris Pappis, is a model 21st Century Hellene, who proudly captures the American Spirit. The event concluded with these words and a standing ovation for Brother Chris Pappis.