The United States Ambassador to Greece, Geoffry Pyatt, shared a heartwarming video message to comfort the American citizens in Greece.

“I wanted to take a couple of minutes today to speak with my fellow American here in Greece about the unprecedented challenges we are all facing here together as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. I want to start by underlying my appreciation of the superb cooperation we have had with the Greek governments.  I think Prime Minister Mitsotakis deserves a lot of credit for getting in front of this problem early. moving aggressively to a program of social distancing.”

He stressed the importance of unity during the pandemic and for all American citizens to register themselves with the State Departments Secure Traveller Alert Program or STEP. STEP will serve as an open line of communication between the embassy and the American citizens in Greece.

“But let me take a minute to share with a little bit about what we are doing here at the embassy to accomplish one of our most important missions which is to look after the safety and security of the American community here in Greece.  We are your 911 and everybody in the American community should understand that they have an open line to the embassy during this crisis.  But we can’t help you if we do not know you are here.  My first request is that everybody should register themselves with the State Departments Secure Traveller Alert Program or STEP. You can do so through the internet today at where you will find a link to the STEP enrollment page. this is the mechanism we will use to communicate with you as American citizens residents in Greece.”

The Ambassador also discussed that if American citizens do not feel comfortable in Greece that she should fly back to America as there are still a few reliable air connections to the US.

“I would encourage all of the American citizens to comply fully with the instructions that the greek state has propagated in terms of limitations on public movement, registering your movement in advance, and social distancing.”

Watch Ambassador Pyatt’s full message above.