On July, 20, 1974, Turkey, a large military power, invaded the small defenseless island of Cyprus.  Thousands of Greek Cypriots died and thousands are still missing.  Greeks were forced out of their homes in the northern part of the island to the south, Turks from the south to the north.  The island was forcibly divided, inhibiting free movement and creating de facto separate regions. The local economy collapsed, infrastructure was disrupted, arable land was seized, historical monuments were pillaged.  Thousands of Turkish nationals were brought to populate the northern region and change the demographics of the island.


FRIENDS OF CYPRUS is holding two memorial services in the Atlanta area 

Sunday, July 15, Annunciation Cathedral on Clairmont Rd.

Sunday, July 22, Holy Transfiguration Church in Marietta.


Please join us in honoring the memory of thousands who perished during the invasion.

44 years later, Cyprus is still divided


Turkish troops still occupy the island

Mrs. Polyxeni Potter, Honorary Consul

Honorary Consulate of Cyprus, Atlanta