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'Live with Aphrodite' welcomes Greek-American recording artist Kalomira

‘Live with Aphrodite’ welcomes Greek-American recording artist Kalomira

Eleni Santorinaios
Eleni Santorinaios
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Greek-American pop sensation, Kalomira, releases new song “Gia Mia Zoi”

May 7, 2020- In light of the current pandemic, COVID-19, Hellenic News of America took to Instagram to reach their readers through a virtual interview-series called “Live with Aphrodite”, hosted by Hellenic News of America publisher, Aphrodite Kotrotsios. The first interview conducted was of Greek-American pop sensation, Kalomira Boosalis.

As Kalomira is currently staying home with her husband, George, and children, she discussed how important it is to create a daily program, but also be spontaneous to enjoy the day. In response to homeschooling her children, she related to many parents during this time, saying “It’s been crazy with the kids because of the school. The school’s what really does it for me. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, give me anything, but not school!” Even more, she gave her best advice about how she makes sure to give her family the vitamins and nutrition they need with fruits and vegetables through shakes and smoothies. She also stressed the importance of being mindful. She mentioned a few books she is currently reading, all involving nutrition, particularly gut health, which she finds fascinating. Then, the two began to discuss Kalomira’s success on social media. She has been connecting with fans through Instagram with videos of fitness, her beauty routine, and cooking.  “The feedback that I got from people was so positive,” she exclaimed. The fans now inspired Kalomira to start a YouTube channel, as well. “If I can get more people motivated to workout, or cook their meals, or do something positive- that makes me happy.”

Aphrodite asked Kalomira about her motivation and pursuing her dreams to be a singer, especially as a Greek-American. She wanted to know how Kalomira stays true to herself now and during the time of establishing herself in Greece. Kalomira stated, “I want to be authentic, I want to be myself. And I think everybody should be themselves because that’s what’s special about everybody. And I think that’s so important and it’s just something that I grew up with.” She discussed the difficulties she endured while living in Greece, as she was young, but how the experience also matured her. “I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that know you, that are honest with you…” As for her career mantra, “Just don’t give up. Keep going! Who cares, just do it. Just keep going! And, I don’t get down by mistakes. I need mistakes. Mistakes are important. I tell my kids all the time… You have to make mistakes or you’re not pushing your boundaries.”

George and Kalomira Boosalis

Kalomira talked about her continuous travels to Greece. She said she is unsure if her family will be able to go this summer due to Coronavirus, but she hopes they will be able to go soon. She refers to Greece as her “second home”, as she lived there for over six years. She recalled her positive memories there, especially all of the behind-the-scenes of various rehearsals, interviews. Her favorite places in Greece include the villages where her families are from,  Niata and Kremasti in Peloponnese. In terms of being Greek-American, Kalomira says, “I am so proud that I am a Greek-American!… I just love our culture, our traditions. And, I love our history. I just love it all. I’m so proud to be Greek.”

Kalomira’s new song cover

The two began talking about Kalomira’s professional career.  When asked who is her most favorite person she collaborated with, she said “The first person that comes to mind is Elli Kokkinou because it was really fun working with her. I’ve worked with her many times. She’s so sweet! I remember Christmas she got me earrings… She’s just so cool. And singing with her on stage and doing duets with her is also really nice cause she’s really comfortable. She’s very down to earth. That was a really fun experience.” Kalomira also mentioned Despina Vandi, where she recalled running late the first time she was meeting Vandi for rehearsal. As for someone she would like to collaborate with, she said Elena Paparizou. “She’s so relatable. I think we could do a good Greek and English song.” While Aphrodite said her favorite song written by Kalomira is “Mommy Loves You”, she asked Kalomira what is her favorite song that she has written. Kalomira said her favorite song is one that is coming out soon called “Not Alone.” It will be released in Greek and English. She said at the time, she was reading a lot about our religion and God, and in God is where she found her strength. She says she started hearing the melody in her head, so she wrote it down. She wasn’t sure when to release it but then realized that right now would be opportune during this difficult time. “It’s a really uplifting song. And it’s you not being alone. And that other person is, who? It’s the Holy Spirit, it’s God,  it’s your best friend. I can’t wait for you to hear it. That’s my favorite song.”

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Kalomira Boosalis

Kalomira then answered questions in a live Q&A with the fans during the interview. When Aphrodite asked her if there is anything she would like to say to her fans, Kalomira said, “I love them all and I’m hugging them from afar!” She then concluded  by singing the chorus of “Mommy Loves You.” You can follow Kalomira on Instagram at @itskalomira. Tune in for the next episode of “Live with Aphrodite” every Thursday on Instagram at @hellenicnewsofamerica.

The copyrights for these articles are owned by the Hellenic News of America. They may not be redistributed without the permission of the owner. The opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hellenic News of America and its representatives.

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