Message of Philip Christopher, President of PSEKA for the 41st year commemoration of the invasion of Cyprus

Dear Friends,

Forty one years ago we embarked on a journey for Freedom and Justice! We made a promise to our grandparents, parents and children that this journey will endure until we reach our destination! Like Ulysses searching for Ithaca, we have faced many obstacles, endured broken promises and experienced disappointments. During these past forty one years, we have lost many freedom fighters who died with the dream of returning to their ancestral homes. The Republic of Cyprus, member of the European Union, is a great ally of the United States and a bridge for Europe to the Middle East. Since 1974, the International community has repeatedly condemned the illegal invasion and continued occupation. Turkey not only continues the occupation, but has imported more than 300,000 colonists changing the demographics. The policy of President (Emperor) Erdogan, is to turn Cyprus, the first Christian state, into an Islamic state. More than 500 historic churches have been destroyed and the Hellenic culture of the Island has been wiped out. The occupied area is under the military control of 43,000 troops and the areas where missing people are buried have been declared military zones. The families of the 1,500 missing must receive closure by burying their loved ones. As we commemorate the 41st anniversary of this great injustice, we want to assure you that we will not stop, and we will not rest until we reunite the Island and guarantee the return of all refugees to their ancestral homes! We call on Turkey to withdraw its occupation forces and return colonists back to Turkey! “We have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep” Freedom for Cyprus!

Philip Christopher