By: Markos Papadatos, senior editor 


Greek-American musician Peter Douskalis chatted with HNA’s Markos Papadatos about his new EP “Culture Crisis” and his songwriting inspirations.

Earlier this month, he performed at The Bitter End in New York City. “At the Bitter End, I debuted my new EP titled Culture Crisis. It is my original work of instrumental rock guitar-based music. This is my first all-originals recording. Typically, I am performing as a side-man and doing studio work for other musicians, so this was a chance for me to play my own original music with some amazing musician friends.”

Regarding his plans for 2020, he said, “I never thought about planning on a yearly basis like this. For me, life is one horizontal time-line. For example, in 2019 I was already making bookings and practicing for work in 2020. The same will be true for 2021. I try to take one day at a time and strive to be my best.”

He shared that his music and songwriting are both inspired by emotions. “From this last EP, I can say that each song came to me just as I picked up the guitar and struck a chord. The common factor being that my now wife, Stefanie, was always in the room. I believe she inspired all of those songs and first chords and so the EP is dedicated to her.”

On being an artist in the digital age, he said, “I am a millennial so I don’t really remember an age other than digital very well. I did live it, but only became of age as a professional in the digital world. I struggle to maneuver it and find where I fit, which I’m sure is common for many artists.”

When asked about his dream collaboration partners, he said, “I am always open to collaborating with other artists. I find that I am at my best when I am influencing others. My dream collaboration is with any artist that is riding the same emotional wave and frequency as me. I think this is where great art can be made and isn’t necessarily restricted to a single specific artist.”

For young and aspiring musicians, he encouraged them to “practice.” “First, learn what it means to practice,” he said.

Douskalis opened up about his Greek-American heritage. “I have a Greek-American identity complex. When I was living in the South my general impression was: In Greece, I am an American and in the US I am a Greek; I don’t really fit in anywhere. Being in New York City is different though and much better. It is a much more diverse and accepting place that generally values cultural diversity and everything that means and offers.”

His Culture Crisis EP is available on Apple Music. He concluded by stating that his music sounds better live in concert.


Photo credit: Amy Stargher